The Winter X-Games 101

Adventures In Aspen

 Welcome to the Winter X-Games here at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. Every January this pristine mountain town hosts the Extreme Winter Sports competition. Here athletes from around the globe come to show off their skills + tricks in hopes of winning gold!

The Winter X-Games 101 | SaltWaterVibes


This extreme sports event is hosted by ESPN every year in Aspen. Winter athletes will complete in various sports and races to win Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. From Ski Slopestyle, to the Super Pipe, and even Snow BikeCross - you can watch one, or watch them all! Each day there is also two concerts and lots of other entertainment and games. Here is more information on the daily events.

The Winter X-Games 101 | SaltWaterVibes


Lucky for us, this is a FREE event! Of course there is options to purchase VIP seatings, concert tickets, and accommodation packages, but if you just want to go see them event and athletes then it is absolutely no cost! There are also 4 free parking lots as well as a free shuttle service from each to take you to the event. Here is more information on cost and transportation


Remember to bundle up! This event is outdoors with the possiblity of snow! We lucked out with pretty decent weather - but it did drop down to 17° at the night competitions! You can always take layers off, so my advice is wear more than you need! Secondly, this is a non-alcoholic event! Unless you purchase a specific VIP package, no alcohol is sold at the competition! Finally, don’t forget to check out the schedule before hand! There is a lot of events to see, but sometimes long gaps between them. You don’t want to just be standing around during those times!! So plan a trip back to your cabin, grab a beer at the Aspen Tap, or just walk the adorable streets of the town! You can enter and exit the event as many times as you would like! 


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