Becoming A Fiancé

A Ride Over Miami Beach I will Never Forget…

the story

December 31, 2018

This is a day I want to relive 1,000 times again.  Before our Holiday trip, Rashawn told me he had a surprise for me in Florida. We were already planning to spend New Year’s Eve in Miami so I immediately thought the big surprise would be a concert. As our Miami adventure got closer I was getting more and more excited for what ever the big surprise was.

We drove down from Tampa to Miami on the 31st and stopped at a beach on the way. When we got back in the car Rashawn said we have to go straight to the surprise - I was so excited but a tad confused because it was only 3pm!! Not a concert time. Suddenly as we were driving, Rashawn pulled into an airport! My heart jumped out my chest as I blurted “we are not about to go in a helicopter, are we?!?” Rashawn gave me a wicked smile and I knew this was going to be crazy! But I still never thought he would propose - just thought this helicopter ride was the most amazing surprise ever. Being that we just came from the beach we both still had our swimmies on - but Rashawn started to put on a very handsome outfit. I quickly asked his brother if I should be getting dolled up too and he said yes. Suddenly Rashawn and I were in our Colorado Best and off for a ride that would change our lives.

While we were checking in, Rashawn was obviously nervous but I was too! We have never been in a helicopter before so this was a big deal. We had our picture taken by the helicopter, a $20 souvenir I will cherish forever, and off we went. It was just me, Rashawn, and the pilot, + the absolute most beautiful coast of Miami Beach. I was taking TONS of pictures - when suddenly in my headset I heard, “Savannah You Are The Love of My Life” and I turned to him and he had out the most BEAUTIFUL ring I have ever seen. He told me he didn’t want to spend another day with out me and asked me to marry him. I started to cry - I was SO happy and SO surprised I could not believe what just happened. It was such a blissful moment and we just took the rest of the helicopter ride in to soak up every last second of what happened.

It was a tad hard to hear in the helicopter so once we were grounded and alone outside the airport, Rashawn told me his whole speech. I feel so so blessed to be his Fiancé and start this new season of life with him. He truly is my best friend and is teaching me something new everyday! I never knew he was going to propose because one night while I was nannying, Rashawn went and had dinner with my parents to ask their permission. Then another night while I was sleeping he took a piece of dental floss around my ring finger and and used a ring ruler to figure out my size. * heart melts * He is truly the sweated and most thoughtful person I know.

Becoming a Finace | SaltWaterVibes

Rashawn ended up ‘secretly’ recording the whole thing and it is a video that I will cherish forever and ever. I am so thankful we were able to share this moment together and document it through our eyes.

We have been such an adventurous couple, and been so so blessed to have experienced so many wonderful moments. I feel like taking this next step in life could not have came at a better time. Rashawn inspires me every single day to be better and think more. I am the absolute luckiest girl in the world to eat ice cream in bed with him for the rest of my life.

Rashawn - I love you so much man. Thanks for making me feel like and absolute QUEEN on our engagement. You combined everything that we love in to this moment and I am forever grateful. I cannot wait to keep growing with you and GET FREAKING MARRIED!!!! Love you for always.

And to all my family, friends, and YOU reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and love you have shown me and Rashawn over these last five years. Our journey would be nothing without each and everyone of you.


all my love,