Off Roading

Pushing Limits

While in Lake, City this summer, my family and I also got to do some serious off roading! While in Telluride last summer my dad, brother, and I did an off roading tour with Telluride Off-road Adventures to the old mining grounds. It was SO COOL! We knew our off roading days were not over then. So this summer when we found a few off roading sites in Lake City we were pretty excited! Even more so when we convinced my mom to come with us this time! 


We rented our jeep from Pleasant View Resort where we stayed. The jeeps are great! They are super well taken care of and a comfy ride! Plus I felt really safe in it while on these tiny twisty roads! They can defiantly stand the bumps!


Probably they best part of the drive is going down to American Basin. My mom and I kept joking that we were in The Sound of Music! I mean this place is beyond gorgeous. Hundreds of flowers everywhere and stunning views of the San Juan Mountains. Plus there is lots of little waterfalls flowing and the grass is so green! It is a must see if you can make the trip. 


My mom is in love with Indian paintbrush. We have seen it in red all over but there were fuchsia Indian Paintbrush, SO pretty! Not to mention the fields of Colorado's state flower, the columbine! It was so beautiful to see them in masses. 


It was hard to pass on a selfie with a backdrop so pretty! :) I love my family!

Top of car.jpg

I have to give major props to my dad for being the best driver! These roads are super narrow and you have to be in a four-wheel-drive vehicle to make it. You can really see this in my video bellow. It shows just how bumpy the ride is too! But he did a great job staying on track and in control! 


If you love a little adventure then you should add this to your travel list! It is a great camping ground or if you want to go explore there are awesome hikes! Or if you're like us you can always just take a quick, but very worth it, stop! 


While my pictures show some of the fun and beauty this video shows what the drive is like! You can tell how small the roads are and just how close to the edge you will be! Also the ride is not a smooth one! So please excuse the small shakes :)