What To Expect from Rocky Mountain National Park

welcome to the rocky mountains 

high elevation is not the only thing were known for up here....

What To Expect From Rocky Mountain National Park | SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to Colorado's own Rocky Mountains National Park! This park ranks in at number 4 on National Geographic's most visited parks so you know I'm not lying when I say it's the beez kneez! The park is open  24 hours a day 365 days a year with hiking, camping, site seeing and more all year long - it does not get much better than this. 

winter in the rockies

Living in Colorado I am very blessed to have 4 of the National Parks here! The Colorado Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Black Canyon in Gunnison and The Rocky Mountain National Park! So far I have been to three, (but don't remember much from Mesa Verde so need to go back!!) but I hope to get all 4 done by the end of the year! Anytime we plan a trip to a park or monument it's a good time :) All National Parks have made their home in remote areas so regardless - a road trip is always in store. 

What To Expect From Rocky Mountain National Park | SaltWaterVibes

When planning a visit to Rocky Mountain I recommend a minimum of one day. There are so many camp grounds here I am just itching to test one out! We have driven up here and spent a few hours at the park a few times, but I am always left wanting to see and explore more! There is over 355 hike-able miles throughout the park and thats just scratching the surface on adventures here! Here is a list from the NPS on the various hikes at the park.

What To Expect From Rocky Mountain National Park | SaltWaterVibes

what to do during winter at the park?

Their might be few things more magical then winter in the rockies. With snow caped mountains, sledding, and even some snowball fights - it is hard to beat. If you plan on doing a winter hike - or snowshoe - check here for all the trail updates and closers. There is also lots of opportunities for cross country skiing and sledding throughout the park - just bring your own plastic (ugh) gear as they do not sell or rent any & metal is not allowed! In the Fall Moose and Elk start mating and gather in large herds so thats the best time for wildlife, however they can be viewed throughout the winter as well. Here is full details on all winter activities. 

I want to encourage as many people as possible to go out to our parks! These pieces of land are amazing and hold so many beautiful gems. Getting outside and connecting to nature is one of the best things you can do for your self! Taking people to a National Park for the first time, like my friend Jaques, was so cool. He is from New York City and has never scene the Rocky Mountains - so this was truly a special day. 

What To Expect From Rocky Mountain National Park | SaltWaterVibes

summer in the rockies

What To Expect From Rocky Mountain National Park | SaltWaterVibes

While the snow-capped Rockies during the Winter is a site to see, so much fun and adventures are possible here in the summer! From ranger tours, to lots of hiking, horseback riding and so much more, their is an experience for everyone here. The NPS has listed lots of the activities and details here. 

What To Expect From Rocky Mountain National Park | SaltWaterVibes

These pictures were taken when we did a short walk around Sprague Lake Nature Trail which is just a 0.5 mile loop around the lake! It is a perfect walk to start your day at the park and is 100% handicap accessible. People are often fishing here so it is nice to come enjoy the beautiful views and water people fish! 

what to do during the summer in the rockies?

It is truly a toss up of when to come to the Rockies! This year I hope to make it during the fall - so i'll update the post when that happens! But summer is truly a wonderful time at the park. There are waterfall hikes, biking trails, and even fishing! It is a great time to just come and truly enjoy and connect to nature. One thing to keep in mind is this park is one of the most popular in the system, it set a new record last year of 4.5 MILLION visitors! It can get crowded in the summer and fall so my best advice is to always come early. Reserve campgorunds early online too for best chances! 

What To Expect From Rocky Mountain National Park | SaltWaterVibes

does it cost to get in?

In order to preserve and maintain our National Parks, we have to pay to get into every one. However you can purchase an America The Beautiful Pass for $80 and use that to get into every park you go to that year. It will save you hundreds of dollars! You get access to all the monuments and conservation areas too. If you are just coming to Rocky Mountain for a day it is $25 per car but here is a full price break down. 

Honestly few things make me happier than National Parks! Rashawn and I were taking about how big of a nerd I am for always planning our trips to National Parks, but after we go he always seems to become a nerd to ;) 

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