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winter fun at Winter Park’s Coca-Cola Tubing Hill

Winter Park Tubing Colorado | SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to one of the newest and fastest Tubing Hills in Colorado! Winter Park Resort here in Colorado is not only home to some of the best slopes, but also some of the best winter activities! The Coca-Cola Tubing Hill is one of the best snowy adventures up here. Not only is the staff some of the coolest + nicest people, they play fun music, give you spins, and make sure that you are having the best experience possible!

Winter Park Tubing Colorado | SaltWaterVibes

Rashawn and I have been on the hunt for some fun winter activities besides skiing and snowboarding. So far this tubing hill is number one on our list! We were giggling and smiling like kids the entire time. Sliding down a mountain will bring out the joy in all of us :)

tubing 101

The Coca-Cola Tubing Hill was one of the most efficient tubing hills I have ever seen! They have a great system for checking in, getting your tube, and letting you have alll the fun. Here at Winter Park, they offer 4 different lanes for tubing. You can choose to go down individually or link up with your buddies. We saw TEN people link up and go down at once! It definitely will make you and your buddy fly down the mountain when riding together. After each run you will ride the covered magic carpet back to the top while pulling your tube in tow. Tubing is open to anyone 36” and taller!

Tube Tip: If you want to fly down the lane, then make sure you grab a tube that has been inflated all the way. Tubes that are partially inflated are considered the slower tubes, great for young kids or those who need to test it out first! There is also a double tube for those who want to ride together but not link!

should I bring or wear anything special?

Winter Park Tubing Colorado | SaltWaterVibes

Noting ruins an adventure like being unprepared! The most important thing for having an epic day tubing, is making sure you are warm enough! The mountains are at a higher elevation so the air is a bit cooler than you think. My rule is, I can always take layers off! Bundle up, wear some good waterproof boots, bring your hat and gloves and you should be A-ok! There are helmets available for rent if you want one for your child.

how much does it cost? how long do you tube?

Winter Park Tubing Colorado | SaltWaterVibes

The Winter Park Tubing hill offers a 1 hour session for $26 per person. However on these select dates, [11/24-11/25; 12/21-1/6; 1/19-1/21; 2/16-2/18; 3/8-3/24] prices are $29 a person. If you book with a large group you can get aa discount! All booking is done via calling the Ticketing Office at 970-726-2349. If you want to tube for more than hour you will have to purchase another session. During the hour I was able to ride down at lest 10 times. Always book ahead of time if you can because this winter activity sells out almost daily!

is there food or drinks?

Winter Park Tubing Colorado | SaltWaterVibes

Winter Park Resort is serving up some of the best hot chocolate in the state! After you are all done tubing, hope over to the Hill House for some yummy warm drinks like Vanilla Snow and chocolate chip cookies. If you are looking for more than just a hot chocolate and snack then just head back down to the main village! There is plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from.

how to get to the tub hill

You can access the Tubing Hill two ways. If you want to see more of Winter Park, then you can park in one of the free Old Town lots and take the bus to the Village. Once at the Village walk straight through towards the Cabriolet Lift, you will see signs. Take this short lift up to the top and there you will see the Tubing Office. There is also a parking lot up by the tubing office if you just want to go straight there. You will be meeting under this sign about 10 minuets before you ride for a quick safety announcement.

Winter Park Tubing Colorado | SaltWaterVibes

Thank you so much Winter Park Tubing for partnering with me on this post!

Winter Park Tubing Colorado | SaltWaterVibes

winter park resort tubing

hours of operations: 10 am - 6 am* click here for more
address: 85 Parsenn Road Winter Park, Colorado 80482
phone: 970-726-2349

it is open each year from Nov. 24th to April 14th

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