White Water Rafting


You Only Live Once, so why not go flying down whitewater rapids in an inflatiable boat! My original interest in adding whitewater rafting to my bucket list actually came from my parents. After they got married my mother, dad, and Opi went white water rafting and it was like the rafting scene from The Vacation. My poor father got popped out of the boat! And lets just say it wasn't smooth sailing after that! But of course I was so drawn to trying it for myself, I was itching to go!

Rashawn is my true adventure buddy. He may not always be down for it at first, but I somehow manage to convince him to tag along :) When I had our epic week planned for his Colorado Visit I made sure to fit whitewater rafting into it. I have wanted to go for so long but he really felt like the best person to do it with! 


For starters we went with Whitewater Rafting LLC in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. And it was a GREAT experience! They were so friendly and helpful I highly recommend them. We rafted thought the rapids of the Colorado River in the Glenwood Canyon and it was so stunning! I was so thankful for the calm sections when I could actually take a picture! The rapids were so crazy and got my adreliane pumping! It was so fun and I absolutely want to go again!

White Water Rafting

The instructor loved us and had us be the leaders of the boat meaning we took on the majority of the rapids! But it was so fun she even let Rashawn try to balance on the front! He held on for a while but you can watch his wipeout in my video below! :) 


The girl behind me cracks me up!! But of course had to through up a signature shaka!


The views were absolutely breath taking!


At one point during the tour they stop and float at this really flat area and let people jump off the boats and get in if they want! It was so cold but I was having way to much fun to care! Rashawn even tried to do a backflip! 

Glenwood springs

So happy I got to check this off my bucket list, and even happier I had him with me! 

Whitewater Rafting