Echo Lake

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Echo Lake + SaltWaterVibes

Every now and then it is important to escape the city and breathe the in that Mountain Air. Especially in Colorado where the mountain air is so fresh and pure! Echo Lake is the perfect place to go for an afternoon away. Adding in Fall time and the leaves changing, you are going to be set up for a perfect fall afternoon in the Colorado Rockies.  

Echo Lake + SaltWaterVibes

What is so great about Echo Lake is that there is a path all the way around the lake. We happily walked about halfway around. I noticed there are tons of picnic tables and spots to stop all the way around! Some people were reading and sitting and just enjoying the beautiful surroundings. 

Echo Lake + SaltWaterVibes

I did this adventure with my family and it was so so special for us to be out together and doing something we love. Hopefully we will be back next year to explore some of the amazing hiking trails here too. Hikes like the Chicago Lakes and Bear Track Lakes can be taken from here, more information here

However, if you aren't feeling adventurous and want to save the hike for later like us, still walk around the lake! It is a great way to stretch your legs from the car ride and I promise the views are worth it. 

Echo Lake + SaltWaterVibes

We went just in time to start seeing all the leaves changing but I bet by now it sooo stunning-- but only for a few more days! Snow is coming in Colorado which blows my mind! Thankfully I'm still staying warm here in Hawaii :)

Echo Lake + SaltWaterVibes

What is your favorite Fall activity?

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how to get here


To get to Echo Lake you will take Squwa Pass. You can easily access the exact destination via GPS . Signs along the road will help lead you as well. Once here you can access the trial head around the lake which will lead you to the other trail heads. 


If you are prone to car sickness bring some Sprite and take some Dramamine before hand just incase you get sick. Park in legal areas along the side of the road or at the gift shop. You can then walk to the trail head around the lake. Always bring water and respectful of your surroundings.