Canyon Diving


Those brave enough to ride will be launched 200 feet into the canyon at nearly 100 miles per hour!

Rashawn came to visit me in Colorado the summer after our Freshman year and I honestly have to say it was one of the best weeks of my life. Every day I had packed with tons of activities and adventures galore. 

On the second to last day we drove up to Colorado Springs for the Cheynne Mountain Zoo, Garden of the Gods, Wingstop, and to see my aunt. She was our last stop, and she is just as fun and crazy as me, so she of course tells us all about this crazy thing she just saw on the Today Show. 

She showed us the video and I was hooked. I thought, "Oh heck yes were going right now, its just a few miles away!" So as we drove up, I could sense Rashawns uneasiness because he kept saying, "Are you sure its still open?" or "Should we come another day?"  and I was thinking their is no way I am not doing this today.  Lucky for us it was still open :) 


They hooked us into this little seat and literally suspended us above the canyon. You can see the terror and excitement in our faces. I of course was having the time of my life laughing and screaming, but Rashawn on the other hand was watching his life flash before his eyes. 


It was honestly the best moment of the whole trip because Rashawn would never ever do anything like that if it wasn't me telling him "Come On!" Its true love people :) but it was just such a spontaneous and free moment. I didn't even think twice, it just felt right. I truly believe those are some of the best moments in life; the ones we don't expect. 


Here is Cave of The Winds website where you can find out all the information on this ride and the many other rides, tours, shops and more they have to offer!