Lake San Cristobal


This summer my family and I drove to Lake City, Colorado. It's a very very small town of less than 500 people! We barley had cell service and practically no internet. But it was the absolute perfect get away of staying in a small cabin, snacking on grocery store goodies, and playing board games. Plus everyday their was plenty of activities to do! My favorite was going to Lake San Cristobal. We went almost everyday we were there it was SO pretty!


First off the water was so blue and beautiful! It was so clear you could see right in it and see plants and fish! In fact its the second largest natural lake in Colorado. It was probably one of the most peaceful places I have ever been too. Their is no city noise or many people at all, its really in the middle of no where! Hidden gems :)


When the wind stopped the water would get still and it was a flawless reflection! Like I could almost see my eye color looking down. It was so beautiful it really gives me chills looking at pictures again! A few people were camping around the area and would fish for their meals!


Our family friend has an inflatable paddle board and he let us borrow it for our trip! Honestly I cannot thank him enough. Being on that paddle board on that lake was the most relaxing thing in the world. I was so at peace out there because you had to maintain balance or else you would fall into the 60 degree water. Plus you were alone most of the time so it was just you and this vast beauty.


The paddle board is really only made for one and we actually stared sinking right after this! Haha :)


One night we went for sunset and paddled out to watch the sun go down. It was so worth it! We had to be extra extra careful not to fall in because it was getting even colder! But so worth the risk.


My family is everything to me! And I was so happy to spend such quality time with them in such an outstanding location. We were all having so much fun taking turns paddling and taking pictures and just soaking in all the views around us.


Watching the sunset on the lake. Ugh I already can't wait to go back!


Sunset over the mountains 


My day one! My older brother has always been their for me and its so fun getting to see him grow up. I know he is going to be so successful on day!!


My mom was an absolute rockstar on the paddle board! She has had some practice with me in Hawaii, but she was able to stand up here! It was so fun getting to see her cruise around so confidently!


Here's more information on Lake San Cristobal and Lake City. It offers great resources on how to plan your trip!