A Guide To Prague Christmas Markets

Europe Christmas Market Magic

A Guide To Prague Christmas Markets | SaltWaterVibes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Europe Christmas Market time! Regardless if you know about this holiday magic or not, it needs to immediately be on your bucket list to visit one, and here is why…

While Christmas Markets originated in Germany, this winter tradition has now made it’s way all over Europe and the world. Big or small, all markets have the same common goal: to have a good time. While visiting Prague we were blessed enough to visit at lest three Christmas Markets and each was just as magical as the next. Here are some of the highlights of Christmas markets, particularly in Prague!

the food

A Guide To Prague Christmas Markets | SaltWaterVibes

While traveling through Europe, I legit gained about 5 pounds haha! I have the biggest sweet tooth, and it seemed every country had a famous sweet with my name on it!! Meet the Chimney. These native Prague desserts are as delicious as they look. A warm cinnamon-sugar dough cone, filled with creamy soft serve, and could be topped with Nutella, nuts, cookies, whipped cream and what ever else you can dream up. The good news is, they are served all year throughout the city, but the authenticity of a fresh one from the Christmas Market it unmatched.

While it may look like we lived off the sweets, we also enjoyed so many other savory treats from the markets. From brats, to chicken kababs, to ribs, soups, and Belgian waffle sticks - we were seriously able to find something for everyone. My suggestion, take a lap around the market before picking so you can see ALL the yummy options first.

the drinks

A Guide To Prague Christmas Markets | SaltWaterVibes

Christmas Markets in Europe are known for one drink: Gluvine (Glühwein in German). This warm yummy holiday drink is a mixture of red wine, fruits and sugar. It is a German tradition so it follows the markets in every city. It feels so good warming you up and to hold while walking around. If you aren’t into wine, they have lots of hot ciders, hot cocos, and your basic waters and sodas. Just remember, in Europe portions are small and water is not free. So always try to fill up your hydroflask before any outing or dinner!

the booths

A Guide To Prague Christmas Markets | SaltWaterVibes

Even though food and drinks are my favorite part, it’s hard to beat the booths. Venders from all over the city come to rent out these beautiful wooden booths each year. People sell all kinds of beautiful handmade items and other things as well. Obviously no market will have the same stuff because it is all independent people! But a lot of times there will be things like hats and scarves, ornaments and decor, paintings and so many other cool vendors! Again, I would recommend taking a lap before buying anything!

A Guide To Prague Christmas Markets | SaltWaterVibes

The Christmas Markets in Prague truly are a gem. We visited the St. Charles Castle Market during the day for some Gluvine and waffles. For dinner one night we went to the Old Town Square and saw the beautiful tree light up and ate an amazing dinner. We also visited one across from a mall, I cannot remember the name of it. But there are truly so many throughout the city, and here is a great guide to some others! Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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