Sandy Tidepools

Secret Tidepool On Oahu

Sandy's beach is one of our go to beaches here because you can easily see people you know or play in the shore break. But one of my favorite secretive places is the little Tidepool here. If you walk on the right side of the beach towards the bowl hole you will come across tons of beautiful fun little spots in the rocks.

If you look closely you will find this tidepool. It's one of my favorite spots because of its secretiveness, and the scenery is so gorgeous. Tidepools are one of my favorite things, I hope to go to all of the major ones on each island! Check out my other adventures below!

There are a few little fish but they always hide once you're around. The water is buoyant it's so perfect to just float!

The way tidepools sit against the ocean is my favorite thing. It is so amazing to be surrounded by so much ocean but in your own bubble of it at the same time! Do NOT come here if the waves are crashing over. They could knock you over which could be fatal. 


If you have sensitive feet make sure you wear some slippers over becuase the rocks can be rather sharp in some areas. Always watch your step!

I would be lying if I said I didn't love hair flips! Ha! My hair is so dead and desperately needs a cut, but I just can't get myself to do it. I love love long hair. 

The white foam is considered Hawaii's Snow here. I love that becuase it's just one more unique memory I will have living here. It has been the biggest blessing. 

More information is available in my Sandy's Beach post! What's your favorite beach spot? Comment below! 

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how to get here


Sandy's Beach Park is located on the East Side of Oahu. You will take H1E all the way to the beach park. It is on your right hand side, you will see the large parking lot and Lifeguard Stand with the Sandy's Beach Name. To get to the tidepool you will walk along the rocks to the right about 500-800 feet from the blowhole. You will pass a 'mini beach' and soon you will see the tidepool.


Avoid this area during high tide. Large waves can easily knock you off your feet and sweep you out to sea. Rocks can be sharp so if you have sensitive feet please wear shoes. Avoid sea urchins and always respect wildlife.