Island Tour: Oahu

Top Five Spots on Oahu 

Welcome to the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Home to over one million people. Our little island is only 40 miles wide (thats the distance of home to Boulder for all my CO friends) and only 112 miles around. So getting around the island is pretty easy, except we're a bit over populated here on Oahu. Our traffic has ranked among the worse, even in front of LA! So your little island trip may take a good 5 hours to a potential day depending on the number and duration of your stops. I recommend starting as early as possible and finishing as late as possible! This way you can spend good time at each location and really enjoy everything there is to offer, because although small we have so much to give here! 

Top 5 Things on Oahu Island Tour + SaltWaterVibes

Stop One: Lanikai Beach

This is an iconic Hawaii beach known for the famous Mokulua Islands (The Mokes) and white sand beaches. You will find many active goers kayaking, swimming, SUPing, and snorkeling all around you to and from the many small islands near. There is gorgeous coral and bountiful fish below and the sand is so soft! You'll also find many friends and family hanging out on the beach with cookouts and music of course! Read more here! Don’t forget to wear your reef safe sunscreen while swimming and lounging!

Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Best of Oahu
Top 5 Things on Oahu Island Tour + SaltWaterVibes

Stop Two: China Mans Hat

China's Mans Hat is a must see. Its name comes from the shape of the island. It's a popular landing zone and a fun "In-State" road trip! By renting a kayak you can have some fun paddleing out and seeing Oahu from a new perspective! You can read more about how to kayak to the island here. If you arent into water sports this beach is great for relaxing and having some lunch! 

Top 5 Things on Oahu Island Tour + SaltWaterVibes
Top 5 Things on Oahu Island Tour + SaltWaterVibes

Stop Three: North Shore Fruit Stand

I love the North Shore fruit stands because there is such a wide variety of fruit! So many I have never seen before that only grow in tropical destinations! This stand in particular is tucked away on the North Shore so an island tour is the perfect time to stop! The aunties are so nice feel free to ask any questions. If I were you, I would be sure to grab an ice cold coconut :) 


Stop Four: Kahana Bay 

This was a surprise stop for us on our tour. While we may have been to lots of places here in Hawaii this was a brand new site to us! This bay is great for relaxing and some take there SUP out too. It is just up the road from china mans hat and is a must stop! The beautiful Ko'olau mountains against the ocean is unbeatable. 

north shore lagoon

Stop Five: Bellows Beach

Bellows is actually a Military beach here on Oahu, but due to the state law that all beaches are public beaches, it remains open access to all. It is open every day of the week except Thursdays when they use it for military training. I will warn you that I have heard of people getting stung by jelly fish here so pay attention to the warning signs and when jelly fish migrations are. The other day I saw someone post a picture of a small pod of dolphins here! I did't get in but I enjoyed the great views. You can even see the Makapu'u Light House in the distance!


Of course there is way to many places to stop and see like I said it all depends on the amount time you have and want to spend! You can see so much from your car it's up to you where you want to pull over and stop! Always lock your car and keep valuables out of sight to avoid any trouble while traveling :) Of course as you follow along with SaltWaterVibes you can find many more epic destinations to add to your tour :)

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