Birds Eye View

Oh the feeling of floating in the sky above the ocean...and this view sure helps too! I love Parasailing and have done it twice now. The first was in Maiami, Flordia and the second here in Honolulu, Hawaii. If I get the chance I will Parasail over every ocean city. The view and experience is so blissful! Except the part when the captains think its funny to dunk you in for shark bait!

We went with Xtreme Parasail for our adventure in Hawaii and they were great! They let me use my own GoPro and were very talkative with our group. I highly recommend them, Rashawn's sister was a rockstar and even found us great deals on Groupon!

Hawaii's Water is full of the most beautiful blues, it's impossible not to feel happy. I was so happy I got to do this experience with my boyfriends family: mom, dad, and all four other siblings! It was so special to see everyone so excited and happy! I loved watching everyones reactions as they were being swept off the back of a boat. What a great way to appreciate our aina. The video bellow shows the entire experience! 

This was the first time I went Parasailing with my brother in Florida. And the first time was so exciting! Thats the 'bucket-list' feeling I had when we finally took off. I remeber when this captain started dunking my brother in the water, I lost it! I thought for sure Jaws himself was going to snatch us up! 

I was so happy the entire time, because it really is such a great way to see a city! Plus its just so relaxing floating up there! I will happily parasail again and again!

FL Parasiaing sky.jpg

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