Secret Sticks

oahu's secret beach

Secrete Sticks + SaltWaterVibes

Finding these sticks had been on my Oahu Bucketlist for soo long. I have seen so many pictures on Instagram and couldn't believe they were real until I saw them for myself. We have planned to see them at lest 3 different times and failed each time. It was like a miracle when we found them, and so spontaneous! 

Secrete Sticks + SaltWaterVibes

When we finally found them, we were with Rashawns siblings after a long day of failed adventures. The weather had not been our friend that day, but we trecked on and eventually found them. There were only a few other people there too which was nice. 

We all took turns jumping and dropping from them it was super fun! I have no idea how deep it is under the sticks but none of us hit the bottom! We suspect it is a drop off, but I didn't have my googles to confirm. 

Secrete Sticks + SaltWaterVibes

The sticks really are real stick! Someone built it themselves with real wood and bungee ropes tied together. However it is surprisingly stable! Always jump at your own risk and be very careful as it is unclear how stable the structure actually is. 

You can choose what 'level' to jump off too. It was so fun leaping from the structure but we did go later in the day so the water was a bit chilly and dark! If you know where these are, then try and go in the morning or mid day to prevent lots of people and guarantee warm water! 

Secrete Sticks + SaltWaterVibes

Oahu has so many unique spots it is so fun having this as our backyard! I love to explore new places and this adventure was right up my alley! Where is your next adventure? 

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how to get here

Because this location is a secrete I will not be providing the location or how to get here details. However, if you are extremely interested you can contact me via email and we can discuss further location details. 


If you do know this location please keep it clean and respect the surrounding area. Always keep tide in mind and jump at your own risk.