Pipeline Beach

banzai pipeline beach

Pipeline Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Surf's Up! Pipeline beach is famous for being one of Oahu's most popular surfing beaches. In the winter months the waves become a surfers favorite playground and famous surfing competitions are held here.

Pipeline Beach + SaltWaterVIbes

Besides the amazing waves, the beach is a Hawaiian dream with beautiful blue water, white sand, and amazing landscape. It is a North Shore Icon, and it is not always advised to swim here as the waves get big and the current can be very strong. Tons of people gather to sit relax and people watch!

Pipeline Beach + SaltWaterVibes

The Pipeline Surf competition is held in the winter here each year. It is so cool to see the surfers shred huge waves right in our backyards. Bring lots of sunscreen and water because the sun does shine down on you with little shade here. 

Pipeline Beach + SaltWaterVibes

This was a shot I got of the 2015 Pipeline Competition. It was so cool to be so close to pro surfers! My best tip is brining some comfy towls or chairs and enjoy watching surfing (pro or not) all day! 

Pipeline Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Where to park?

There is a designated beach parking lot for this State Beach Park. 

bathrooms or shower?

This beach has both! 

Can I swim?

This beach is more for relaxing and watching surfing. In the summer water may be flat enough for experienced swimmers, but winter time this is not a beach for swimming.

Pipeline Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Even though you can't always swim here it is still one of my favorite beaches! The water hers is so blue and perfect, and watching surfers in the distance is always a plus. I love hanging at this beach with just Rashawn or a large group for a chill day. 

Pipeline Beach + SaltWaterVibes

The other day we were even lucky enough to see one of the best rainbows. I love Hawaii because sometimes they just appear out of thin air :) Bring some towels or your favorite lounging chair to get the most comfort on the beach. 

Pipeline Beach + SaltWaterVibes

If you like hunting for seashells Pipeline is  a great beach to do some digging! While most shells are small here they are so white and soft. I love sitting in the sand and picking shells up. 

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how to get here


To get to Banzai Pipeline you will drive along the Kamehameha Highway. You will see a parking lot on your left hand side that is Pipeline Beach. 


The waves here can reach extreme heights of 10 feet + so please refrain from getting in the water unless you are a trained surfer. The currents can be very strong and this beach is not recommended for leisure swimming. Bring lots of water and sunscreen.