Three Tables

Snorkeling Adventures

Check out one of the best snorkel spots on Oahu!

She says she loves the North Shore...but can you blame her? Stopping at any beach on the North Shore is a good idea, but especially in the summertime. When I first saw Pupukea, or more popularly known as Three Tables, it was in the Winter and it was covered with big waves and foam. Every now and then I would see people snorkeling out their and I would always be so scared for them that I big wave was just gonna sweep them away.

Then I finally stopped on a perfect summer day and found out why! This is such an amazing place to snorkel. The water is so clear, and there is a ton to see! I had the best time diving for hours here.

I was so excited to see prime conditions I came fully prepared with my fins and everything! I went to shore popped them on and off I went. Honestly three tables was like a whole new world to me. Full of coral and fish and the vast ocean. 

There is so much to see here and this water is so relaxing. I think in the summer time it is one of the best beaches to snorkel at on Oahu.

Three tables is probably moderate snorkeling conditions but tons of families play on the beach and on shore it's very safe in the summer. You can see more of the conditions and get a better idea of what it's like in my video below! 

It's hard to describe my love of snorkeling but basically it's like that feeling you get when you win the lottery. I love it so much. I will always see something new and never be disappointed.

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how to get here


This beach is located right across the street from Foodland and next to Sharks Cove. You can park in the parking lot and walk down onto the beach. 


Do not swim here in the winter when the waves are large and current is strong. Make sure you have proper snorkel gear and can swim before entering. Always pick up your trash and respect the land.