calmest beach on oahu

Kahala Beach Park is my absolute go to beach here on Oahu. I mean for EVERYTHING. To snorkel, to float, to talk, to take pictures, to read, to tan, to think, and to BE. It is so amazing. It is just beautiful clear water that is up to your knees for miles. 

Guarantee there will always be a photogenic moment at this beach because so many cool and beautiful things are happening all the time. From Rainbows, to wind surfers, to the palms trees swaying it's always amazing.  

I have to take everyone I can here because like I said-- go to. Further down it turns into Cromwell's Beach where you can cliff jump into an ocean pool. There is so much to choose from and the tide is always changing here so you kinda just have to go with the flow :) Sometimes there is no real 'beach' because high tide comes up high! So be prepared for that. 

Sometimes the smallest of drizzles create a rainbow here and even if it is faint, it always amazes me. I love rainbows and seeing them here in paradise is just amazing. 

This is one of my favorite pictures ever from Kahala! This beach is so calm we often float on out tubes from Target. This day there happened to be a perfect rainbow while we were floating I couldn't help the photo opportunity! 

This is one of my favorite beaches because the waves and shore break are so calm. Its so soothing and makes hanging out easy. I like to get in and snorkel around a bit, but the water is rather shallow so be careful! 

Kahala Beach + Saltwatervibes

The sand at this beach is so white and light! I had a fun time playing as always :) Some areas have larger beach areas so feel free to walk along the beach until you find the perfect spot. 

Kahala Beach + SaltWaterVibes

We have explored up and down this beach plenty of times and found all the best spots! I love this beach. In the winter the water does get a bit chilly and a little more rough so I don't come as often! 

Kahala Beach + SaltWaterVibes
Kahala Beach Park + SaltWaterVibes

When my girlfriends came for Spring Break I had to bring them here. This beach is what you imagine when you think of Paradise! This is one of the the best Oahu beaches. 

Kahala Beach + SaltWaterVibes

 I am not kidding I ALWAYS find a sea cucumber when I go here. They are such crazy weird creatures, I have seen some HUGE ones here too ha! It is such a calm beach for snorkeling but you can still see schools, and I know some people who have even seen Octopus! 

Kahala Beach + Salt Water Vibes
Kahala Beach + Salt Water Vibes

I can't help but add in these pictures becuase they are from one of our very first few dates and I just loved that day. Ladies find you a man who spoils you with beach days :) 

Kahala Beach + SaltWaterVibes

What is your favorite beach activity!?

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how to get here


You can GPS this beach park. Hop onto H1E and get off on the Koko Head Exit. Follow this until you turn right at the mall. Enter the neighborhood on the left and drive left until you reach the parking lot. If at any point you want to legally park in the neighborhood and enter a marked beach entrance you can! 


The current can pick up at this beach so always be mindful and aware. Do not swim to far out and do not step on the coral. The tide can also come up to the beach so make sure your stuff is out of the oceans reach.