Best Beach on Oahu

The bluest of blues water and the whitest of white sand is what you get on the voted best beach on Oahu. Waimanlo is on the east side heading North towards Lankiai beach. The water is so blue and relaxing you can float out there for hours! Many people bring floaties and fins and play all day. 

It's no good for snorkeling because the bright blues and whites make it impossible to see under water. But the views are simply amazing. The gorgeous water and many islands floating near make it for breath taking sites. Many people even SUP and Kayak to these islands!

While this beach is amazing, I think I have a few other favorites here! I am going to make a guide to the best beaches on Oahu soon so make sure you sign up for the latest news on that here

The popular white sand is what people think of when they think paradise, and there is plenty of it here. It is so soft and warm it's no wonder it's such a popular wedding destination too! 

This picture from my GoPro shows how amazing the water really is. It is so blue and endless! 

Being able to float is probably the best thing about the ocean because nothing feels better than relaxing in a beautiful ocean with lush green mountains to look at. Like I mentioned lots of people bring floaties but your back works just as good too :) 

What is your favorite thing to do at the beach? Let me know in the comments below!


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how to get here


Drive Past Makapu'u Beach for a few miles. There will be a parking lot for Waimanalo Beach park, park here and head to the beach.


There have been jellyfish sightings here so always keep your eyes open. Be mindful of the current and the shore break. Do not park illegally.