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Kahala Beach Park is my absolute go to beach here on Oahu. I mean for EVERYTHING. To snorkel, to float, to talk, to take pictures, to read, to tan, to think, and to BE. It is so amazing. It is just beautiful clear water that is up to your knees for miles. 

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Camping at Haleakala

Imagine waking up to the sounds of waves crashing and the golden sunlight warming your skin through your tent window all while sitting on a cliff overlooking Maui's ocean. Let me tell you: it's true paradise. While in Maui, after driving the Road to Hana our plan was to camp at Haleakala National Park. I orginally got this idea from saving money rather than staying at the Hana Hotel. Once we arrived in Maui our shuttle driver told me that same "imagine..." and I was so excited for my camping experience!

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