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Olympics + Salt Water Vibes

2012 was a very monumental year in my life. I began to feel what worldly travel is really like after going to Nicaragua for my first Mission trip and then to London for the 2012 Olympics. My mom and I went to cheer on one of the most beautiful and genuine people I have ever known, Missy Franklin. I grew up with the blessing of having Missy as one of my closet friends. I truly believe my middle school years could not have been possible with our daily laughs in 7th period, our countless Facebook 'button' exchanges and our quote books from StumbleUpon. Her spirit was infections and how blessed I was by her friendship!

Olympics + Salt Water Vibes


For those of you who don't know Missy is a 4-time-Olympic-Gold Medalist; among about a billion other things like record holding, award receiving, and public icon/role model (Yes, yes, she truly is a Wonder Woman Warrior!!). We were lucky enough to grow up competing in the pool and going to Middle School together. I'll never forget the moment she qualified for Olympic trials for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It was the craziest coolest moment EVER! We celebrated by decorating her locker (A Tradition at Powell Middle School) with pictures of her, and swim suits, and gold medals galore. 

I never thought of my bf as a super star or 'The Missy Franklin', she was simply my friend. My go-to crafter, giggler, and secrete keeper. In 8th grade we were closing in on our decision to go to High School and I was deciding between Regis Jesuit High School and Arapahoe High School. At first my heart was SET on Regis. My brother went there, my mom worked there, and I could have an awesome swim program! Most of my friends were going to the public school Arapahoe, but at the time I truly didn't want to go there. Missy was also going to Regis and we planned out EVERYTHING together, picked our matching polos at registration, picked electives, and planned our carpool schedule when we turned 16. I went through the entire process of putting the down payment, ordering my uniforms, and attending registration welcome night. 

But after that night something clicked in me that changed the entire corse of my life. I truly couldn't picture myself in this all girl, private, expensive, jesuit, uniform wearing high school. I needed to let Sav's Sprit shine and I didn't feel it was the place I could. I will truly never forget the look on Missy's face when I told her in the beginning of our history class. She was so devastated, and as was I because we wouldn't be seeing each other everyday and share monumental high school moments like we planned. But we tried to make the most of our long distance relationship catching up and dancing at every swim meet we saw each other-- no matter the state-- and texting occasionally. But as her career was taking off and my life beginning to develop we drifted into spirits of the past.

But I know each others sprits will forever be alive in our hearts. Her infectious smile will always remind me of the amazing moments we shared and friendship we had. Through her fame, I never could quite rap my head around it because she was always just Missy to me! I will forever be thankful for her ability to positively effect so many, influence the swimming world, but most importantly for calling me almost every night with Stuart Impressions in 7th grade! LOL! 

Love you Missy, Can't wait to see you do amazing things in Rio and the future!


After she qualified for trials again in 2012 my mom and I and a few other friends made the treck to support her in Omaha for trials. The moment she qualified for the Olympics was like the most OMG moment I can think of! It was so moving. Everything and every dream she had was coming true! My mom and I HAD to support our girl so we quickly booked our flights and went shopping!! Ha!

Olympics + Salt Water Vibes

The 2012 Olympics were held in London and my cousin had just moved out there for Vet school so it was a perfect invitation! I am SO thankful I got to check this item off my bucket list and especially with my mom and childhood friend. Everyone should go to the Olympics once, even for one session like us! It is an experience of a life time-- I am not kidding my mom and I had the biggest cheesiest grins the entire time!  

There are so many cool aspects from the souvenir shopping, to event watching, to food eating, to ground walking, to watch parties, to ceremonies, I mean the list was endless and we soaked it all up! It is truly the one experience that solidified me on being an Event Planner when I grow up because it was such a beautiful event. 

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My mom and I bought our matching Nike USA Olympic shirts at the Nike Outlet Store in CastleRock. They were so perfect for the event and a keepsake I will probably always have :) 

Can we just acknowledge what an amazing event the Olympics is for a second?! The amount of craft and dedication it took to make each competition grounds is so impressive! This had to have been the prettiest pool I have ever seen. My mom and I used to love comparing and judging pools as I grew up because I competed in so many and each experience really is so different! The Olympic pool is the fastest pools in the world and there it was in front of my eyes! So surreal. 

Besides the Olympics, being in the city of London was amazing! It is truly an incredible city fill of incredible people and I can't wait to have money to go back on day! Ha! The whole city had the spirit of the world and it was so great to be apart of that. 

Even if you can't go to every session like us they have so many cool viewing parties around the city to make sure you are always in the loop! The Olympic Spirit was very much alive here and I loved hearing the crowds react to the competition. 

After Missy was done competing she and her mom and dad were sweet enough to take us out for a good-ole Fish and Chips England style of course! It was so sweet seeing Missy...I will never forget running into her arms in the Classic way we always did growing up! I couldn't help to squeal about how proud I was even though the entire world was already on that :) It was just like old times as we chatted about life beyond the chaos and talked about old memories. Probably a moment I truly cherish forever is her letting us see her medals! They are so unique and so so COOL, oh and heavy!! We laughed over our fried fish and talked with her film crew about upcoming shooting days. 

Missy's life has only become more chaotic, but I will forever be thankful for the place she holds in my heart! I can't wait to see her in Rio...boy am I gonna try to be there again, but forever in spirit with her! Go get em girl! 

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