Piilani Highway

The Back Road to Hana

Windows down, music on, good company, and Maui's coast.  (^Watch in Highest Quality^)

Piilani Highway

Besides the actual Road to Hana, the road out of Hana was my second favorite thing about Maui. The Piilani Highway was also unlike any drive I have ever been on! It felt like we were driving through every climate from Rainforest, to the African dessert, to Rocky Mountains, the Piilani Highway will show you it all. A lot of people drive to Hana and turn around and drive out but I promise you if you keep chugging on you will not regret it!

Piilani Highway

To start the road was very recently just paved! I will warn you that the first few miles are not redone and are still a little wobbly so be very cautious and drive slow! Don't forget to beep at every corner because it turns into one ways at lots of curves and the last thing you want is a collision on this road! 

At one point while we were driving we saw this and could not resit stopping to gaze! And boy was I glad we did. The road is so beautiful rolling though Maui's green hills and to see this ALOHA in the middle of it all was so special!   

Piilani Highway

The road is along the coast of Maui, and Maui's water could not be more dreamy. I couldn't take my eyes off the coastline it was so stunning! I could have pulled off every five minutes to take pictures! They are so many waterfalls on the rock walls along the coast so keep your eyes peeled for them! Along side that their are tons of cool rock cutouts and coastal features that will never leave you disappointed. 

Piilani Highway

Gah these views!? I think travel is so cool because you often spontaneously find yourself in extraordinary moments in places you wouldn't normally be in! These views are so unreal, it felt like a movie! The road was pretty vacant for the duration with a few cars every now and then, you can see more of the conditions in the video above!

Piilani Highway

My best advice is to pick a Killer Playlist, set your car in cruise control, and ENJOY! You will never experience a drive like this anywhere else and it is so so worth it! Plus why wouldn't you want to see new things instead of driving the same route you already did?! 

Remember to drive the speed limit, be cautious on the turns and one ways, fill up with gas in Hana because there won't be another station for 38 mils, and make sure you assign a designated photographer! :) 

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To drive along the Piilani Highway you will continue from the Hana Highway after Haleakala National Park. Stop at any stands, shops, or excursions along the way!


If you are prone to motion sickness please pack some Ginger Ale and drive slow! The first 7 miles are still unfinishes and extemely bumpy. Use your horn when driving around corners and go slow, be cuatious. 

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