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best stops on road to hana

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

The Road to Hana is one of the most iconic adventures in Maui. Check it off your bucket list and check out some of the best Summertime stops on the Road to Hana below. Make sure to pack your swim suit and camera because this drive is unlike anything you will ever experience! 

stop one

Twin falls is one of the iconic first stops on the Road to Hana. Grab some fruit and take a peek at your first waterfall of the day!

mile marker 2

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

It is super important to have snacks on this drive so even if you don't pack any, there are tons of fruit stands along the way! Bring cash as it is always easier and some stands don't accept cards. 

Does this look familiar!? Surprisingly the fall looks just like it did in this picture in my Winter Time Road To Hana post! This fall has proven to be more of a scenic photo op then swimming destination! The strong flow and year-round mud water makes for better looking than playing!

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

stop two

There are a few Bamboo Forests on the Road to Hana but this one is the best stop! Full of lots of trails and stunning sights you will not want to miss this. You can easily see Bamboo along the side of the road, just find parking and pick your path! 

mile marker 6.7-7

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

How many people can say they have explored a Bamboo Forest!? This stop will officially add you to the cool people list and you can check off Bamboo Forest off your Bucket List. Pack the misquote spray because they are very present here! 

stop three

If the Road to Hana provides anything: its waterfall and cute bridges! Almost every bridge has a waterfall or flowing water below so pick some good ones and explore! At this particular stop the path leading down was on the left (when facing). If there is not a clear trail please refrain from exploring as it could be dangerous. 

mile marker 8 ish

There are so many amazing photo opps, so never be shy to pull over and say cheese! You'll want these memories forever. 

stop four

The amount of waterfalls on the Road to Hana is amazing, never be afraid to jump in cool off if the water looks inviting! 

mile marker 11.5

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

This is a beautiful waterfall we just kind of stumbled upon! A short hike off the side of the road lead us to this waterfall, and actually the first one I have ever swam under! And boy was it cold. 

They had a super fun rope you could swing and jump off! We had a good time trying to get up and slowing dunking back into the cold water ha. Park by the bridge and walk down the path on the the left. 

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

I got to check swimming under a waterfall off my bucket list here!

stop five

Chings Pond is an amazing swimming hole located right off the side of the road. It is not visible from the road so you will have to park and follow the trail head down. 

mile marker 16.8

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

This is a famous swimming hole and cliff jumping spot. It had multiple waterfalls and streams and tons of area to explore, truly a magical stop!

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

Ching's Pond obviously has an awesome 'pond' or swimming hole. The water is waterfall run-off so it is very cold! Don't forget the towels and possible water shoes if you have sensitive feet. 

We had a fun time walking through the multiple waterfalls and exploring a bit of the surrounding area. Always be careful and if water flow is to fast stay back!

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

stop 5

Wailua Overlook is a stunning lookout with a fruit stand too! This cat has been there both times I stopped! The view is amazing and a great place to stretch your legs! 

mile marker 18

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

Maui isn't named the Valley Isle by accident! Getting to overlook so many vibrant trees and the valley is never time wasted.  I can never get over how green it is. 

stop ten

Upper Waikani Falls is another one of my all time favorite stops no matter the time of year. This waterfall will put you right in the Hawaiian jungle mood. 

mile marker 19

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

This is one of my favorite stops on the road to Hana no matter the time of year! Last year is was huge flowing water that made us feel like we were in Jurassic Park. This time is was the calm icon three falls. 

stop seven 

Fruit stands are common along the Road to Hana but this one is one of the cutest! This aunty takes pictures of almost all her guests. Get some Coconut Candy for the road! 

mile marker 20

She even has picture with Leonardo DiCaprio and tons of other famous people! I can't wait to go back again and see our picture somewhere on the walls! 

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

stop eight

Pua'a Ka'a Park Waterfall is a must see! This waterfall is short walk off the road and with little crowds, it will be worth it!

mile marker 22.5

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

I somehow missed this stop on my first trip to Road To Hana, so you can imagine how excited I was when we found it! It is right off the parking lot and it was not very crowded. 

The water here was so beautiful and I was soo tempted to get in but becuase there are so many stops, and we already had a few dips we decided to just dip our toes in!

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

stop nine

 Wainapanapa Black Sand Beach is one of the most popular stops on the Road to Hana because of the unique Black sand! 

mile marker 32.2

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

Probably one of the most iconic beaches in Maui, and the Road to Hana, is this black sand beach. It is so amazing I highly suggest adding this stop to your list! 

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

It is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The unique black sand is caused from volcanic rock and it is super bad luck if you take any! So -- take pictures for memories, but leave the sand!

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

You can bring floaties or snorkel sets or really any beach toy that makes you happy. We had a great time snorkeling and swimming around.

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

stop eleven 

The Venus Pools is one of the most beautiful places I have been to to-date. The water was out of this world and tucked away in its own private oasis. 

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

Here you can jump into the water from what ever height your comfortable with, and then relax in the amazing waters. We brought snorkel gear, floaties, and of course my dome! 

The pictures we took here turned out to be some of my favorite of all time. The water was perfect for my dome and GoPro so we took full advantage. 

stop twelve

Red Sand Beach is one of the most unique beaches on the Hawaiian Islands. The red sand is from the surrounding rock. Getting here can be an adventure it is not advised for everyone.

mile marker: 34

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

You will park at the Hana Community Center, then proceed to walk across the felid (towards ocean) on the right hand side. You will see a pretty warn trail and can follow this to the beach. Keep following it around the mountain but WATCH YOUR STEP as it can be slippery and it is very narrow path.  

If you go early in the morning or near sundown there is sure to be less people! I have heard it is becoming more popular so during the day time you might be sharing the beach with a few others! 

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

We stopped at a fruit stand right before and it was the perfect place to indulge in our treats! I can never get enough lychee. 

stop thirteen

Seven Sacred Pools is another iconic spot that not many people make it too. It is on the Haleakala National Park Site so you must pay the $20 entrance fee, but if you choose to camp Haleakala it won't be an issue.

mile marker 52

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

This waterfall is home to seven separate falls and pools. You can swim, jump, relax and hangout at the falls of your choosing but the bottom two are most popular and safest. 

Road to Hana + SaltWaterVibes

What is your favorite spot on the Road to Hana?!

how to get here


You can only reach Hana by driving the Hana Highway unless you take the back road from the Piiilani Highway (but then you miss the fun)! You can choose to stop as much or as little as you want. Choose to camp in Hana, drive back, or continue straight once you reach Hana. 


Please drive slow as the roads are very curvy. Always honk when crossing through a one way and Yield to other drivers and pedestrians. Park legally and explore smart. Do not trespass or go beyond areas marked. There is no gas station until Hana so start with a full tank. Bring cash for the stands and snacks for the drive. It is curvy like I said, so bring ginger ale or Dramamine if needed. 

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