Baldwin Beach

rainbows and sandy toes

Baldwin Beach + SaltWaterVibes

They don't call us the Rainbow State for nothing! One of my favorite things about Hawaii are the rainbows. I love how they appear out of thin air most days and light up our sky. I was lucky enough to get a perfect rainbow when I went to Baldwin Beach Park on Maui.

Baldwin Beach Park + SaltWaterVibes

This beach park is gorgeous and a perfect place for hanging out for the day. There is of plenty sandy beach to go around and perfect palm trees surrounding the setting. This beach is located on the North Side of Maui just before Paia Town. 

Baldwin Beach Park + SaltWaterVibes

can i swim here?

The water was a bit rough, but Rashawn was still able to get in and swim around! We didn't have our goggels on us but it did look a bit rocky! I would say this beach is better for relaxing and hanging out. 

Baldwin Beach Park + SaltWaterVibes

This beach is perfect for long walks! The sand is so soft and perfect for strolling and getting your feet wet. There is no lifegaurd on duty so swim at your own risk! 

Baldwin Beach Park + SaltWaterVibes

are there bathrooms?

Yes! This beach park has bathrooms and showers for public use. 

where should i park?

There is a large beach parking lot past the gates. You can park in any marked stall here. 

when does the beach close?

This beach is open from 7 am to 7 pm. The gates to the parking lot will close and be locked and re-open in the morning. 

Baldwin Beach Park + SaltWaterVibes

how to get here


You will drive along the Hana Highway until you arrive in the town Paia. Baldwin Beach Park is located on the left hand side of the road when driving towards Hana. You will see a yellow gate that is open, turn here and park at the parking lot at the end of the road. 


The water can be very rocky so please watch your step. Pay attention to the tide and current and if there is no one else in the water, you probably shouldn't be either. Lock all your valuables in the car out of sight and aways lock your car. 

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