Black Rock Beach

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Black Rock Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Maui is not short on amazing snorkeling. From the top rated private island of Molokini to Turtle Town, you will find your self in underwater moments from Finding Nemo. Black Rock Beach located in the heart of Lahania will have you breathless, literally! 

Black Rock Beach + SaltWaterVibes

This beach is nicknames Black Rock Beach because people jump from this 'Black Rock'! It is an iconic spot for play, scuba, snorkeling, and prime relaxation. This beach is located right outside the hotel strip so if you are staying in Lahania this beach is right in your backyard! 

Black Rock Beach + SaltWaterVibes

The resorts are so beautiful and the long white sand beach makes you truly feel like you are living in Paradise. On a clear day you will be able to see Lanai right in front of you! 

Black Rock Beach + SaltWaterVibes

This beach is one of Maui's best for swimming and snorkeling. The water is unbelievably clear and blue, and of course filled with the most beautiful fish in the sea. The water is a perfect depth, about 6-8 feet. This is perfect for snorkeling the surface or diving down to the bottom! 

Black Rock Beach + SaltWaterVibes

The best part of this beach is these guys! It is one of there favorite sport to hang out and munch on the coral so they come here daily. I love sea turtles and being able to swim so close to them is such an amazing experience. But please please never touch the turtles. It is illegal here and you can pay a hefty fine if you are caught. 

I love finding cool fish like this little puffer fish! I used to swim so my lungs were made for diving deep but if you are more of a breather have no fear! They offer scuba diving here and you can rent snorkel gear

The amount of fish I saw here and swam with was unreal. They were so vibrant and playful. This water was so clear and fun to swim in. My fins always help me get around when snorkeling so I highly reccomend renting or bringing a pair when you come!

Black Rock Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Where can i park?

This beach is located right outside the Sheraton Resort on Maui. If you want to pay the hourly parking garage fee you can choose to park here. Otherwise there is a free public access parking lot one .75 mile from here. You will see the marked signs before you get to the Sheraton. Park here and walk is your best bet!

Can i swim?

I think this beach is very calm and swimable for anyone who can swim and float. The water is a bit deeper so please know how to float or tread before entering. You do not need to swim far from shore to see the beautiful fish and coral. 

Black Rock Beach + SaltWaterVibes

If swimming with turtels is on your bucketlist then this beach is a must for you! 

how to get here


You will drive to Lahina City and turn into the resorts strip. Here you will see a public acess beach parking lot on your left hand side about .5 after you turn in. Park here and then continue walking to the Sheraton Resort. You will see signs pointing you to black rock beach. 


If you chose to jump from Black Rock please ensure your surroundings are safe and the water conditions are ok. If you are not a strong swimmer refrain from swimming far from the shore. Always check water conditions first and if in doubt don't go out. 

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