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Piilani Highway

Besides the actual Road to Hana, the road out of Hana was my second favorite thing about Maui. The Piilani Highway was also unlike any drive I have ever been on! It felt like we were driving through every climate from Rainforest, to the African dessert, to Rocky Mountains, the Piilani Highway will show you it all. A lot of people drive to Hana and turn around and drive out but I promise you if you keep chugging on you will not regret it!

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MAUI IS A DREAM// If it isn't already on your travel list you need to add it now! It was the most beautiful island, I mean everywhere I looked was a gorgeous view. Not to mention the Hawaiian Roller Coster Ride on the Road to Hana. There are so many beautiful beaches, great camp sites, and countless valleys, mountains, and waterfalls to explore. A true dreamland. 

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