Sunset at Haleakala

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Sunset at Haleakala + SaltWaterVibes

I love watching the sunset in Hawaii. No matter where it's from, it is always tropical and magical. One of the best sunsets I have seen in Hawaii was from Mt. Haleakala in Maui. The old volcano in Haleakala National Park is home to one of the best viewpoints for sunrise and sunset. 

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Standing above the clouds at 10,000 feet is an island experience you will not forget. Temperatures can drop to 40 degrees so make sure you bundle up before you come! Also, the drive up the mountain can take an hour + so make sure you plan accordingly for sunset.  

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One cool experience was driving and touching the clouds. I got to check touching a cloud off my bucketlist here by sticking my hand out the window as we drove up! It was so cool, litteraly my hand was cold! Make sure you turn on your lights and drive slow the visability in the clouds is pretty slim. Also this is a very curvy road so bring some Ginger Ale and take the turns slow. 

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There are two designated parking lots in the Park and Park Rangers will lead you to the correct lot depending on the time of day. 


Yes it is $20 per car, unless you have a National Park Pass then it is free! More info here


Sunset tends to be around 6-7 pm on Maui depending on time of year. Driving to the top of the mountain is at least an hour drive so I recommend leaving 1.5-2 hours before sunset. I left Kahului at 4:00 pm! Always check times and conditions before leaving. 


Make sure you bring a camera as these are moments you'll want to remember forever. Make sure you have warm clothes on and a blanket if you're like me! It will be dark on the drive down so go slow and be careful. 

Best Beaches for Snorkeling Maui + SaltWaterVibes

We walked away from the crowds a bit and it is always such a cool feeling to know you are walking across old volcanic rock. I love learning about the history of the islands and Mt. Haleakala and the Park is full of great things to learn and explore, see more here!

If you have your phone handy, pull out Snapchat and play with the Geo-filters. It is fun to see the altitude and degrees while standing up here! They even have there own filter! You can follow me at: savannahr87

Sunrise Mt. Haleakala + SaltWaterVibes

Deciding between Sunrise and Sunset? Check out Sunrise like the image above!

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You can only access the summit by the Haleakala Highway and must pay the $20 National Park fee to reach the summit. The road is extremely curvy so go slow. You will be directed to the appropriate parking lot at the summit. 


If you are prone to motion sickness be sure to pack a ginger ale or take some Dramamine before to prevent it because of the curvy roads and altitude. If you wander outside the crowds just watch your step and do not get to close to the edge. The altitude is 10,000 feet so drink lots of water. 

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