One'uli Beach at Makena Park

Mauis other black sand beach

Makena Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Maui is home to the iconic Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach located on the Road to Hana. But did you know Maui has another black sand beach?! And this one doesn't involve tons of tourists or a two hour drive! It is located in the Makena State Park called One'uli Beach. 

Makena Beach + SaltWaterVibes

The sand here is mostly black, but there is also some red mixed in. This is caused by the gorund up lava! I think it is still amazing to be on beach with anything besides white sand, but maybe thats just me :) I went just in time for sunset and it was so beautiful, I totally recommend it. 

Makena Beach + SaltWaterVibes

The sun was sitting right behind the left hand side of the beach, disappearing behind the rock wall, and it was magical. During the daylight the water still looks darker due to the black sand but it a fun spot to splash around at. I read that it is a great snorkel spot!

Always be aware of tide and check to see if the conditions are safe. In the daylight the water is very clear so make sure you pack your goggles. Careful of the coral, never step on it! Always float on your back if you get out of breath or tired.

Makena Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Like I said, you will not run into the hundreds of tourists like on the Road to Hana. Here you can peacefully relax and enjoy the surroundings. Getting to the beach can be a bit tricky as you do have to take a dirt road. Those bumps are worth it though, I promise!

Makena Beach + SaltWaterVibes

One of the coolest aspects of the beach is the stone walls that surround it. They are so tall and just neat to look at! I believe this rock is what makes this black/red sand.

how to get here


You will drive along the road Puunene until you see a yellow gate and a dirt road. Once you turn in here you will see the State Sign and continue along the road. It is a dirt road, so drive slow and be aware of possible potholes. There is a parking lot at the end in front of the beach. 


This beach does include an unpaved road to get to it. 4WD is not necessary but recommended. Go slow and watch for pedestrians walking along the road. Always be aware of tide and the current of the ocean. 

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