Big Beach

Must see beach on Maui

Big Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Maui is home to some amazing beaches. Big beach is the perfect beach for perfect relaxation or fun. The calm water makes for great water activities and the big sandy beach is perfect for hanging with friends and family or vegging out alone! 

Big Beach + SaltWaterVibes

Ignore my water line HA! I always test the water first :) But I am in love with my new swim suit. The color is perfect and I am loving the cut!! I also never head out with out my fins, they are the best and a local company here in Hawaii!

This water was so clear and just beautiful sand for as far as the eye can see. There is some fish and coral on the furthest right hand side of the beach near the rock wall to Little beach. It is totally worth getting in with your goggles! 

Big Beach + SaltWaterVibes

This beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island because of the great water conditions and beautiful scenery. Build sand castles, body surf, snorkel, tan, and enjoy!  

Big Beach + SaltWaterVibes

If you do walk all the way down to the right hand side there is a super cool sea cave right above the water! I enjoyed snapping a few pics as it makes for the perfect photo op ;)

Make sure you have your island feet ready, the rocks are sharp!

how to get here


To get to big beach you will drive south to Kehihi on Puunene Ave coming from Kahaluli Area. You will turn onto Wailea Alanui Dr and see signs for the beach and a big parking lot. Your GPS will also take you here. 


Make sure to always take your valuables with you and to not leave anything out in the open in your car. Be cautious of the tide and current and if it is safe to swim. If others aren't in the water, you shouldn't be either!

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