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The bluest of blues water and the whitest of white sand is what you get on the voted number on beach on Oahu. Waimanlo is on the east side heading North towards Lankiai beach. The water is so blue and relaxing you can float out there for hours! Many people bring floaties and fins and play all day. 

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Island Tour: Oahu

Welcome to the Island of Oahu, Hawaii! Home to over ONE MILLION people. Our little island is only 40 miles wide (thats the distance of home to Boulder for all my friends) and only 112 miles around. So really you can get around the island pretty easily and in basically no time...oh wait remember the part of ONE MILLION people? We're a bit over populated here on Oahu so our traffic happens to be the second worst behind LA, California! So this little island trip will take a good 5 hours to a potential day depending on the number and duration of your stops. I recommend starting as early as possible and finishing as late as possible! This way you can spend good time at each location and really enjoy everything there is to offer, because although small we have so much to give here! 

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Electric Beach

After visiting Kahe Point, nicknamed Electric Beach, on West side of Oahu, it's safe to say I want to spend all of my days there! It's full of the most colorful coral I have seen on the island and tons of fish to match! Not to mention the turtles, eels, and dolphins I saw. That's right DOLPHINS! And they were so so close! 

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