Green Sand Beach

a green scarsity 

Green Sand Beach on Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

While visiting Big Island I planned for some epic adventures like seeing real lava, 80 foot waterfalls and of course the green sand beach. Being one of only four in the world I knew how special this place was going to be. I briefly read up about it online but quickly learned I did not do my research well enough! 

Green Sand Beach on Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

For starters I read somewhere online that locals would drive you to the beach for $10 each way or you could opt in for the 0.5 mile hike yourself. 0.5 miles is nothing to us so I grabbed my team and started the treck. After an hour of hiking we realized out half mile dreams were long gone. In fact I was so far off we almost gave up! This hike is 8 MILES  round trip! 

So if you don't have the time or energy to commit to 8 miles of walking across Big Islands country side then opt in for a ride from a local! They will be standing in the parking lot and will wait for a large enough group to go down. They will give you about 30 min to an hour at the beach and take you back! Leave this at your own discrestion, this is in no way ran by the state, just some locals in there personal vehicals, so use your best saftey judgements! We saw them go by us a few times on the way there, HA! 

Green Sand Beach on Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Despite the length being a bit intimidating, the hike is really nice! You get to walk through old lava fields and are right along coast. It is stunning and relatively flat the entire way. This trail can be extremely muddy when wet so please check conditions before going. Bring lots of water and snacks becuase there is no shade on this trail at all. And you will need to plan for at lest 4 hours of walking and how ever much time you want at the beach. 

Green Sand Beach on Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Once you finally make it to the beach you realize every step was worth it! The water is so beautiful and blue againt the green sand + it is in it's own private cove that feels like a dream. Getting down to the beach does require a steep walk but there is a semi-marked path and hand rails. 

Don't forget your swimsuit because swimming here is a true gem! The water is so blue and perfect for floating or playing in the shore line. Always be cautious of tides and if the water is flowing strongly in a certain direction. 

I was so happy to make it here and plant my feet in the green sand. Hawaii is full of unique beaches like Sea Glass Beach, a Red Sand Beach, a Black Sand Beach, and of course lots of white sand! It amazes me how versitle my island home is. 

Green Sand Beach on Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

what makes the sand green?

The sand is made from the Olivine Crystal which is a beautiful green mineral rock. 

can i drive there?

While the road is accisiable it is vital to have 4WD. Always respect the loacls and if they say you cannot drive please understand. 

how to get here


To get to Green Sand Beach you will park on South Point Road. Here you can hitch a ride with a local or take the 8 mile hike your self. The hike and drive are both straight shots. Keep in mind how Big Big Island is.


This hike is very long and can be an extraneous activity. Make sure you are in properer conditions before attempting. Always check water conditions before swimming. Bring lots of water and some small snacks if walking. If hitching a ride understand the liability and risk.  Wear proper shoes. 

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