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See Active Lava

Spending a minimum of a day in Volcano National Park is a must while on Big Island. This National Park is unlike any other becuase you get to explore the grounds of old craters, lava tubes, and see real lava from an active volcano. How many people can put that ✔️ on their BucketList? There will be more posts on Volcano National Park soon, but today is all about seeing the active lava flow into the ocean.

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Akaka Falls

If Big Island is good at one thing, it's going BIG. From unique beaches, epic hikes, active volcanoes, and astonishing waterfalls you will find plenty of big beauty and big adventures here. One of those epic waterfalls happens to Be Akaka Falls just outside of Hilo.

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Green Sand Beach

While visiting Big Island I planned for some epic adventures like seeing real lava, 80 foot waterfalls and of course the green sand beach. Being one of only four in the world I knew how special this place was going to be. I briefly read up about it online but quickly learned I did not do my research well enough! 

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