Akaka Falls

442 feet of big island magic

Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

If Big Island is good at one thing, it's going BIG. From unique beaches, epic hikes, active volcanoes, and astonishing waterfalls you will find plenty of big beauty and big adventures here. One of those epic waterfalls happens to Be Akaka Falls just outside of Hilo.

Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

The falls is located in Akaka Falls State Park. Parking will cost you $5 for the whole car for the whole day. If you want to avoid this parking fee you can find legal street parking outside the park and just walk in to the hike and pay $1 per person. There is a parking attendant here to help if you need anything or have specific questions. 

Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

This state park has been beautiful gems within including a few other waterfalls. Kahuna Falls is the other main waterfall in the park cascading 98 feet. You will not get as close to this fall as Akaka, but it is still beautiul to see and hear nontheless. 

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Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

If amazing waterfalls were not convincing enough to venture here, the agricultural life just might seal the deal. With beautiful Hibiscus flowers, stunning trees, and unbelievable plants this trail is one of the most vibrant trails I have been on in Hawaii. 

Just some of the beauties we saw

Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

In total the hike is less than a mile only taking you about 20 min to get to the actual fall. You can take a full loop which will take you to both Kahuna Falls and Akaka Falls. The entire path is paved but there are some stairs. Tennis shoes are not required or needed!

Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Once you approach the waterfall it literally takes your breath away. When I said Big Island goes Big I wasn't lying, this water fall is 442 FEET! It is massive, and one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen.  

Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

This plunging waterfall falls into a small pool. There is no access to this fall and swimming is prohibited. The fall is so big in fact I couldn't even see the bottom! You will view the fall behind a gated area due to safety. Please DO NOT hop the fence falling here can be fatal. 

Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Is it free?

This hike will cost $1 per walk in or $5 per car. You will pay in the parking lot where a parking assistant can help if needed.

How difficult is this hike?

This hike is extremely easy. With less than a mile round trip and completly paved the whole way, all ages and kinds can adventure here. There are about 30 steps in total so please keep this in mind when hiking. 

Akaka Falls Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

This was another adventure I got to do with my mom and Rashawn and it was awesome! We spent the whole morning chasing waterfalls, stay tuned for my Big Island Waterfall Guide! 

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how to get here 


Getting to Akaka Falls is Extremely easy. Just outside of Hilo your GPS will be able to take you right here. Drive down the long road, feel free to stop at the fruit stands :)) and park in the State Park Parking lot. From here follow the marked paved path to the trail head. 


This is a paved path making it extremely accessible by many people. After rainfall the pavement may become slick so please be cautious of the conditions. Do not ver off the path as it is illegal and one wrong move could send you down the cliff. Bring lots of water and a light jacket, it get's cold due to all the shade!