South Point

the southern most tip in the United States

South Point Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

How many people can say they have stood at the most Southern Tip of the United States?! With a visit to South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii you can be added to the elite list who have. Being the most southern point of all the Hawaii islands, it has rightfully earned the last spot in the US too.

South Point Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

A 12 mile drive down South Point Road will lead you right here. It is an iconic spot for filmmakers, adventure junkies, and tourist + locals alike. I visited on a rather gloomy day but was still rewarded with astonishing beauty. 

South Point Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Standing on the iconic South Point structure made all my dreams come true. Some of my teammates from UH made this epic video and ever since then I have dreamed of taking my own leap here! 

South Point Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

It is a popular spot for people to jump, dive, and flip into the water. Being a 40 foot leap to the ocean it sure does take some bravery. But if you are brave enough, South Point offers some of the best snorkeling on the island. 

There is a ladder starting in the ocean that will help you get all the way back up. It is bolted into the ground but use at your own risk. Jumping from here can be fatal if conditions are not right. Make sure it is a flat day and there are no hidden currents. When in doubt don't go out. 

South Point Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

On a clear day the water is a stunning turqoise against the large clifts of the Big Island coast. Even though it was gloomy, it was so stunning all around here. I recommend this stop for every visit to Hawaii! 

I got to bring my mom, and of course Rashawn, here and it was so special to share that with them! We had an amazing time seeing so many unique spots on Big Island and they were such troopers for adventuring through all the weather changes! 

where should i Park?

On the right hand side of the road there is a large area for parking. Park here and walk to South Point.

can i jump here?

Anyone is allowed to jump here at there own risk. It is important that conditions are safe and that you are an experienced swimmer before taking the plunge. 

South Point Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

I didn't jump in this day becuase we were headed to the Green Sand Beach and wanted time here, so I'll be back to take my leap! Did you jump?!

how to get here


Getting to South Point is fairly easy. Applying the Address to your GPS will take you right here. You will drive roughly 12 miles down South Point Road when you will arrive in the parking lot. From here you will see the iconic South Point structure. 


If you plan on jumping here please check current ocean conditions. If tide here is strong accidents can be fatal, when in doubt don't go out. Do not stand to close to ledge, the terrain is loose and you can easily slip and fall in. Always use your best judgement. 

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