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Kona Joes Coffee Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Hawaii is the only state in the US that has the ability to produce coffee and Big Island  is the leading isle. With the perfect climate for coffee beans it's no wonder why it's so successful. Kona Joe Coffee is one of the best coffee farms on Big Island. 


Kona Joe Coffee revolutionized the game with it's trellis method. They have perfected the way the coffee beans grow to produce some of the best coffee out there. 

Kona Joe Coffee Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

One of the best things about walking into the gift store is free samples! They offer tons of their coffees from Vanilla Macademia Nut to Coconut Coffee you will want to try them all. Please be respectful when sampling and always throw away your trash! 

Kona Joe Coffee Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Exploring the farm grounds is so much fun and very informational. You can sign up to take a tour of the grounds for $12 which includes a Kona Joe Mug! You can see more on tour prices and packages here. I did the walking tour when I came which I talk about below. 

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Kona Joe Coffee Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Not to mention it is absolutely beautiful. Looking over the coffee trees and then the ocean is a sight to see. We came early in the morning and it happened to be a bit foggy and rainy but I loved the way it made the overlooks. 

Kona Joe Coffee Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Be sure to have a cup of coffee or some snacks at the coffee bar. The drinks are so so delicious and the coffee is as fresh as it gets. However no food is served on Mondays. The resturant is called Rapa Nui Cucina and is open 8 am to 3 pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Kona Joe Coffee Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

If you miss the tour time, or just want a quick rundown you can take the self guided tour. Pick up one of the laminated guides and stop every where on the list. It is full of informatin and details. On the paid tour you can go in the roasting room, on the walking tour you just peak in. We found it super helpful and I learned so much! 

Kona Joe Coffee Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

Here you can see just how the Trellis method works. They have engineered the tree branches to grow out instead of up. This is so the beans can get maxiumum exposure to the sun for best growth. 

The coffee bean starts as green and as they ripen they turn to a bright red color. This is one sign they are ready to be picked and ready for roasting!

Kona Joe Coffee Big Island Hawaii + SaltWaterVibes

This farm is so beautiful and there is so much to learn here! Have you been?

how to get here


Getting to Kona Joe Coffee Farm is very easy. Simply type in the address in your GPS. Once you turn onto the Mamalahoa Highway your destination will be on the right about 15 miles down. There is plenty of parking and you will see signs to the main entrance. 


Please stay on the farm ground and do not venture into blocked off or closed areas. If you have any allergies please check with the staff on products they serve. Please do not pick any of the fruits or beans on the farm grounds. 

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