Going Up: The EuroMast

Things To Do In Rotterdam: See It From Above

standing 315 feet above the city…

Going Up: The EuroMast | SaltWaterVibes

what is the euromast?

This observation tower is now one of the most popular attractions in Rotterdam. Back in 1960 the Euromast was originally built for the Floriade, a big garden festival. Now it attracts visitors from all over the world all year long! People come here to stand above the city, dine in at one of the restaurants, or even spend the night in the hotel in the clouds!

when can I visit the Euromast?

The Euromast is open from 10 am to 10 pm all seven days of the week. It is also open all year round so you can enjoy it on your next trip to Rotterdam no matter what! Some people plan their visit around a meal at the restaurant up top!

day vs night - when should i visit?

Rashawn and I obviously came at night so we got to see the city under the night sky all lit up. While I usually am a fan of seeing city views in during the day so I can spot all the landmarks I know, this was a nice change of pace. Sometimes big cities are more fun at night because that is when they come alive, and Rotterdam is a very modern city so it was lit up beautifully. I would recommend coming right before sunset. That way you can see it in the day time, sunset, and get a peak at the night sky!


We absolutely love to see a city from above where ever we go. The Euromast was very unique to us because once you hop off the elevator you can freely walk up the two platforms! Everything is very open, so be very careful if you have children. You can walk all the way around the observation decks, giving you a complete 360 view of Rotterdam!

Going Up: The EuroMast | SaltWaterVibes

where is the euromast?

The Euromast is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands right on the river.

Address: Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam, Netherlands

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