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Going Up: The EuroMast

This observation tower is now one of the most popular attractions in Rotterdam. Back in 1960 the Euromast was originally built for the Floriade, a big garden festival. Now it attracts visitors from all over the world all year long! People come here to stand above the city, dine in at one of the restaurants, or even spend the night in the hotel in the clouds!

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A Day On The Hague Boardwalk

Sunshine, surfing, and sand... sounds like were back in Hawaii right? Try the Netherlands! The official Holland name for this amazing spot is called Scheveningen and this little corner of the Netherlands is truly a corner not to miss. 

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A Look Inside The Rotterdam Cube Houses

One of the best parts of traveling is seeing how other people live across the world. It opens your mind to new ways of life, and makes you appreciate the way you live even more. Rotterdam, Netherlands already has a long list of attractive adventures, but a trip to this city is truly not complete without walking into these modern apartments. 

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