Five Experiences You Can Only Have In Amsterdam

welcome to the dam

Five Experiences You Can Only Have In Amsterdam | SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to the Dam, this city is one of a kind - and were talking one of a kind experiences today. Not only is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth, it's also home to some crazy experiences you can only have here. Check out these five things to do on your next trip to Amsterdam.

1.walk the red light district

Five Experiences You Can Only Have In Amsterdam | SaltWaterVibes

The red light district is its own world. Before going to Amsterdam, I had read some things online and heard a bit of chitter-chatter, about this wild place. But if I am being honest, I didn't actually believe what the people were saying or the words I was reading. But when we finally turned the corner to the Red Light District… I was shocked! I couldn't believe what I was seeing…. Now I don't really want to spoil the surprise for you so I'm just going to leave it at this: The Red Light District is something you HAVE to see for yourself.  While here I was very intrigued by the culture so we did a very special museum tour, I will link it here, just be warned it’s rated R.

2. Eat A Stroopwafel

Five Experiences You Can Only Have In Amsterdam | SaltWaterVibes

So I kind of have a really bad sweet tooth, but sometimes it leads me to some really incredible treats. I still dream of the stroopwafles from Amsterdam. These cookie, caramel, warm, sticky, magical slices of heaven…. - OH MY GOODNESS JUST GO GET ONE. 🤤

3. SEE the i am amsterdam sign

Five Experiences You Can Only Have In Amsterdam | SaltWaterVibes

A lot of cities have that one spot that you just have to see, and in Amsterdam, it’s the sign. This landmark is packed with people everyday because it is such an iconic spot to snap a pic. Even though it is so crowded and everyone has a picture here, it is an experience you have to do. Think about it this way, you would never go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower, so don’t miss this sign in Amsterdam! It lives by the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House and so many other iconic spots so I believe that is what makes it so special. Like I mentioned though this sign is always crowded so getting the perfect pic is almost impossible, unless of course you work for WOW airlines! These flight attendants forced everyone off the sign - you can read all about it in my new Ebook, How To Travel Young and Broke!

4. visit a coffee shop

So incase you haven’t noticed yet, Amsterdam is pretty unique. It is filled with unique experiences, people, and coffee shops. Now these are no regular Starbucks were talking about here, were talking about the local corner store uhhh, ‘breweries’? Ha! These coffee shops are serving up just a bit more than your average cup of joe. So maybe do just a little research on just what makes these shops so special before sitting down for that chai 😜 Lets just say it is only an experience you can have in Amsterdam and truly no other place like it in the world.

4. the amsterdam canals

Five Experiences You Can Only Have In Amsterdam | SaltWaterVibes

Now whether you know Anything about Amsterdam or not, I know you know about the canals. This city is SO unique because over 165 water canals run and connect through the city. They are used as transportation, for boat rides, houseboats, and of course just being the most beautiful and cool thing EVER. Biking is also THE mode of transportation here, so at any given moment you will see bikes piled high on the 1,000 bridges around the city, making it the most picturesque places ever. You obviously won’t miss them, but it is your choice if you walk em, boat em, eat on em, sleep on em, or ice skate on them!? Love those magical canals.

Amsterdam is truly a unique and wonderful city. While living in Belgium Rashawn and I made the trip here 3 or 4 times because we couldn't get enough. I truly would live here if I could one day - so add this beautiful city to your bucket list. If you are looking for more adventures here in Amsterdam check out Haileys 5 Things to Do Your First Time to Amsterdam!

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