Milwaukee Public Market

We’re not In Seattle anymore…

Milwaukee Public Market | SaltWaterVibes

So what are the things to do in Milwaukee? I’ll admit I felt my list is not as impressive as it should be, but the Milwaukee Public Market was surly at the top! I originally had it written down as just something to see, but after reading about it on their website my mouth was drooling and we were on our way fro lunch!

Milwaukee Public Market | SaltWaterVibes

when is it open?

You kind of have to pay attention to when you want to go because the hours vary!


Monday thru Friday
10am – 8pm
8am - 8pm
9am - 6pm

6:30 am - Anodyne Coffee
7:00 am - C. Adams Bakery
8:00 am -  Margarita Paradise

Thief Wine stays open until 9pm on Thurs, Friday and Saturday nights.

more on there website

Where is it?

Milwaukee Public Market is obviously in Milwaukee ha! it sits in the heart of downtown and can be seen right off the highway. They offer amazing directions on their website so check that out if you need help! We had no problem plugging the address on our maps.

Address: 400 N Water St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

what is inside?

Think of this place like a giant indoor farmers market! There are lots of little shop stands like spices, cheeses, meats, candies and obviously tons of food options. It is all open, no doors or walls to walk through so it is such a good time wandering around seeing all the things. Rashawn and I LOVE spices and is something we truly splurge on. So we had way to much fun here at the Spice House and took home quite a few goodies!

Milwaukee Public Market | SaltWaterVibes

what kind of food is served?

One thing I loved about this market is the crazy variety offered! From health foods, seafoods, Mexican, Italian, sandwich shop and so much more. It is so cool because everyone can get what they want and head up stairs to the common dinning area. There is tons of tables and chairs for you and your buddy’s to all pick at each others food on 😜

is it anything like seattle?

Truthfully… I wish I could tell ya! I still have not been to the Public Market in Seattle. I have heard a lot about it, and it does sound similar, just Seattle is a lot bigger I think! Obviously look wise, they might make you take a double take!

Milwaukee Public Market | SaltWaterVibes

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