A Day On The Hague Boardwalk

Welcome to Scheveningen 

the swell of the sea

A Day On The Hague Boardwalk | SaltWaterVibes

Sunshine, surfing, and sand... sounds like were back in Hawaii right? Try the Netherlands! The official Holland name for this amazing spot is called Scheveningen and this little corner of the Netherlands is truly a corner not to miss. 

First off, doesn't being at the Pier just make you a happier person!? It is so much fun to people watch, eat delicious food, and do a couple adventures. We came here the very last week of March so it was still just a bit brisk, but I can imagine just how amazing this place would be on a warm summers day. They are open all year round because lets be honest, weather should never stop you from getting out! 

A Day On The Hague Boardwalk | SaltWaterVibes

The whole area reminded me a lot of California. From the cold water filled with surfers in wet suits, to the large spread out beaches, it truly felt like a transportation back to the states. Plus how could I not compare the pier to Santa Monica!? The people of Holland actually speak a lot of English too which is amazing for travelers like us that can't speak Dutch ;) 

A Day On The Hague Boardwalk | SaltWaterVibes

what do you do here?

Zip lining, ferris wheels and bungee jumping oh my! You'll find all that and more at the famous Hague Pier! Here you can find all the details on these activities. They host concerts and festivals throughout the year as well. An aquarium and museum also make up the magic of the pier + tons and tons of great restaurants and snack options. You truly will not have a dull moment here. 

does it cost?

Admission to the pier is absolutely free! So you can sit on the beach, walk the pier, people watch and more for no cost, whoo-whoo! You can purchase food or snacks using euro or credit at any of the shops here. You can also pay for the activities mentioned above at the end of the pier by the Ferris Wheel. The prices differ between age and activity, so here is a great resource to figure out how much things will cost you! [click read more for pricing]. 

A Day On The Hague Boardwalk | SaltWaterVibes

Rashawn and I did a whole bunch while we were living in Europe, but we truly lived the Frugal Team life! So, I can't wait to come back here one day and pay the big bucks to ride that ferris wheel :)