A Look Inside The Rotterdam Cube Houses

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taking a look inside one of the most unique apartment complexs in Rotterdam

A Look Inside The Rotterdam Cube Houses | SaltWaterVibes

One of the best parts of traveling is seeing how other people live across the world. It opens your mind to new ways of life, and makes you appreciate the way you live even more. Rotterdam, Netherlands already has a long list of attractive adventures, but a trip to this city is truly not complete without walking into these modern apartments. 

Yup thats right. Your on vacation to tour an apartment...ha! But, on the real, it is totally worth it because these apartments are so unique and one look on the outside will make your head turn! They are such a work of art - and to see the inside shows you just how much thought and planning went into the design and building of these cube homes. 

A Look Inside The Rotterdam Cube Houses | SaltWaterVibes

What is the tour?

The tour is a self guided walk through one model on the cube home complex. You can walk openly through each 'room' of the home. Pictures are allowed and you can go where you please. Be warned it can get quite crowded in this tiny home so  watch the influx! Also please be cautious the stairs inside are very tiny, hold on tight and go slow. 

does it cost?

Yes. The tour is €3 a person, but they do except both cash and card. 

Other then the one show room, all other cube homes are full of happy tenants! You can also rent one on Air BnB to stay one or a few nights here yourself, here is the link. I love Air BnB because you get a local stay, which totally transforms your vacation! I've totally added this sleepover to my bucket list. 

A Look Inside The Rotterdam Cube Houses | SaltWaterVibes

Rotterdam is such a modern city its a blast to just walk around and check out all the buildings and architecture. It was my second favorite city here in the Netherlands and also has some delicious food spots! Have you ever been to Rotterdam? 

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