Sunrise at Lanikai Pillbox

spontaneous Sunrises  

This morning was perfect. Spontaneous Sunrises at one of the best spots on Oahu, good company, and amazing views. 


Welcome to the Lanikai Pillboxes! One of Oahu's most popular and best hikes. Views of the amazing ocean blues and mountain greens make this a perfect adventure for the day. Do it for sunrise and beauty will blow your mind!


I think doing anything spontaneously adds an element of awesomeness to the moment, but this sunrise hike at the Lanikai Pillboxes is one of the best experiences I have had here regardless of spontaneity! This beautiful hike on Oahu is one everyone should do while here. 


You destination is your choice of three pillboxes that used to be old military bunkers. People have brought tons of spray paint here so now they have a very cool vibe to them. The third Pillbox is hardest to get to and furthest away so I just recommend going to the first two for safety. 


The trail head is dirt the whole way and a pretty clearly marked path except some areas on the 'rocky' terrane. In the beginning the trial head can be steep so hold on to roots and branches. 


You can do this hike at any time of day but sunset and sunrise are amazing! I have done it a few times in the day and it is just as beautiful because the water is so so blue. There is nothing like Hawaii's oceans! 


You will defiantly work up a sweat on this hike so bring your water! If you are hiking for sunrise it starts out chilly and it often drizzles, so opt in for brining your rain jacket! Wear you sneakers too becuase there are steep and rocky parts that need good gripping.


We got lucky with such a beautiful sunrise. It does rain a lot in this mountain range so always be mindful and be carful if you are hiking in the rain. The trail can get very muddy which can be very dangerous and slippery. 


We love silly selfies! Haha these boys really are my day ones! We all met the first week of college and have been buddies sense :) It's always fun to do adventures with them.


Once you reach the top of this popular hike you will notice how beautiful the trail is! There are tons of flowers lining the edges and the mountains and ocean sure don't hurt!


I was not complaining about the slight rain we had becuase we got to see a beautiful rainbow! There is at lest one rainbow everyday here that is why Hawaii's nickname is the rainbow state! The rain has also made everything so green it is amazing!

Lanikai Feet

Lanikai beach is one of the most popular beaches on Oahu because of the white sand. Seeing it from the pillboxes it is easy to see why it's such a favorite. The Mokes are a popular adventure spot and during the day you will see tons of boats, kayaks, and paddle boards here! 


This is what the Pillboxes look like. You are free to walk on or in and around them but please be careful at all times. Also if you bring trash please make sure you carry it down with you! Lot's of people have spray painted the pillboxes but it is illegal to do so. 

Kailua Rainbow

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how to get here


You can input this hike into your GPS. You will most likely take the Pali Highway towards Lanikai beach. You will have to park in a neighborhood so make sure you are parked in a legal spot. You will see a sign for the trail head. 


Wear sneakers and always watch your step. This hike does contain some steep and narrow pathways. Bring lots of water and do not wander off from the trail head. There are fatal falls from the pillboxes so do not venture from them.