Pali Notches

no clift is so tall it cannot be climed

Pali Notches + Salt Water Vibes


Or at least that is what it felt like hiking the Pali Notches located on the East Side of Oahu. This insane trailhead and can be accessed right by the Pali Lookout! The views on this hike are spectacular, but let me warn you this hike is not for your average joe-shmow!

As you can tell in my video the conditions on the trail are not for everyone. It freaked me out in some places because on your left it's just a straight shot down! SO, be very careful, and go with other people, strength in numbers my friends!  One of the coolest parts of the trail is the tree trunk jungle gym! It was like a maze getting through them but so much fun. I would advise holding onto roots and branches as much as possible. 

It is very muddy, so do not go if it has been raining unless you have shoes with spikes that will stick into the ground or are an experienced hiker. The trail its self is mostly dirt, but there are quite a few areas you will find your self rock climbing so take your time and have the right mindset. 

Pali Notches + Salt Water Vibes

To get on the trial:

Park in the Pali Lookout Parking lot which will cost you $3 unless you are Kama'aina then parking is free! Once you park walk towards the lookout and turn up the mountain to your right (facing the lookout). The other side, to the left, is a similar hike called the Pali Puka. You will see a yellow rope and blue sign and from there you can spot the trail. 

Pali Notches + Salt Water Vibes

The views from up top are defiantly worth every hardship on the trail. You will literally find your self on top of a mountain over looking Oahu's coasts. It is beautiful! Pali Notches is one of Oahu's coolest hikes. 

Pali Notches + Salt Water Vibes

The Pali Notches hike is known for having three 'notches'. The first one is the one you get to from the trail. The second requires going down a rock and up another using the rope in the picture below! I was honestly to scared and satisfied with where I was, but the rest of my group was up for the challenge, so I happily took pictures of everyone on the other side! The third notch is a bit more tricky and I would only go if you are experienced. I cannot stress being carful enough.

Pali Notches + Salt Water Vibes

This is the rope you will use to climb down the first notch and walk to the other. It is nailed into the rock but only trust it if you are comfortable doing so. 

Pali Notches + Salt Water Vibes

Like I said these views are stunning 360 degrees. The oceans blues and mountains greens are such an amazing combination! It is always nice knowing that the end result will be well worth the climb. I have been on hikes before where you get to the top and just think... really? This is all I get!? But Pali Notches will not leave you feeling left out at all. 

Pali Notches + Salt Water Vibes

If you want to attempt this cool hike then make sure to grab your sneakers! The mud and uneven surfaces mean you need a good grip. Wear an old pair if you don't want mud stains!

You also will get incredible views of the Ko'olau Mountains. Hawaiian mountain ranges are just so different from Colorado, they are so tropical! I love the beautiful architecture of them and how each ridge stands out so much. Have fun and bring lots of water and snacks for the top! 

Pali Notches + Salt Water Vibes

What is another great hike I should do!? Throw me some suggestions in the comments! 


how to get here


Like mentioned above you will park at the Pali Lookout and then proceed to the trailhead on the right. 


This hike is not for everyone. There are extremely steep drop-offs and narrow trails so please be cautious when hiking. Hold onto roots and go slow. Bring water and do NOT go to the third notch unless you are experienced.