Lulumahu Falls

actually, you should chase waterfalls

Lulumahu Falls + SaltWaterVibes

On my Birthday I was lucky enough to see this beautiful sight! Rashawn had a club activity hiking to Lulumahu Falls and I could not resit tagging along. Below is a short video of the trail, it's s o  c o o l! I highly recommend this hike because it's easy, stunning, and who doesn't love a waterfall!?

To get to the start of the trail you will pull off on the Pali Highway. There is a parking lot so you will see lots of cars, but I geo-tagged it above! The trail is right by the cars in the fence, you will see the sign in my video!

One of the coolest parts of the trail is hiking trough a Bamboo forest! It really is so amazing and the Bamboo completely towers over you! Be careful not to get lost, stay on the trail because our large group was certainly headed deep into the forest without even realizing we were going the wrong way :P 

Lulumahu Falls + SaltWaterVibes

After the Bamboo forest you will come to this, and yes you will need to pause because it is SO PRETTY! Like 360 degrees around you is tropical amazingness. 

Lulumahu Falls +SaltWaterVibes

Keep straight on the path and you will come to an iconic spot here on Oahu. Rashawn and I have seen pictures, and heard stories of jumping off this Water Tower and immediately wanted to join in the fun! But I learned: 

1. It is illegal

2. The water is not clean, so if you do illegally jump be warned of the bacteria!

3. ONLY jump after heavy rainfall because this tower is very tall and the water below is very shallow so jumping in these conditions may cost you your life. 

Lulumahu Falls + SaltWaterVibes


Lulumahu Falls + SaltWaterVibes

But please admire the beauty like I said! It is a really cool spot and there is lots to carefully explore!

Like I said above, this trail is so epic, probably one of the cooler ones I have been here so far. There are so many interesting structures, and 'things' for lack of a better word scattered on the trial. I am not sure what from so if you know please fill me in!

Lulumahu Falls + SaltWaterVibes
Lulumahu Falls + SaltWaterVibes

After some fun easy bouldering and pond crossing you will reach Lulumahu Falls! It has four 'cliffs' and a decent sized pool at the bottom. Deep enough to walk in, and easy enough to float around in so bring your suit if you want! But, the water is very cold be warned!!

Lulumahu Falls + SaltWaterVibes

It also had become a pretty popular hike recently so I would advise going weekdays and early in the morning to avoid crowds! I defiantly want to come back with less people :) 

Lulumahu Falls + SaltWaterVibes

Here's a few tips for the adventure!

  1. Bring lots of water! And a few snacks for the falls is also a great idea!
  2. You don't have to wear sneakers, we both wore slippas! And I would honestly recommend doing it in your slippers because of the mud and water!
  3. Bring your swimsuit and towel, but swim on common sense! If the water doesn't look clean or is too cold avoid it!
  4. Don't go to far off the path because it is very easy to get lost out here! Be smart and ALWAYS respect mother nature! 

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