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Kayak To China Mans Hat

Kayaking to Chinamans Hat has been on my Oahu Bucketlist sense I did my Island Tour! In Hawaii, it's basically impossible to enjoy road trips like you would on the Mainland, so we get pretty creative making our own ha! Paddle Boarding and Kayaking to Oahu's neighbor islands provide the best way to get that 'instate road trip' feel on island! 

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Makapuu Tidepools

The State of Hawaii recently worked on the re-pavement and safety of this hike making it and extremely popular hike, including its on Snapchat geo-filter! Here you can read more about the project. But because of this it has drew WAY more crowds than I thought possible. About 3/4 up the trail you will see these tidepools. There actually is a semi-marked path all the way down and is relatively easy! 

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