I have been to the state of Illinois many times and many cites in it. I love Chicago the most because it is such a fun and beautiful city! All of the architecture and shopping, how can you beat that? Not to mention I dream about Giordano's Pizza  every month! I promise their is no better deep dish pizza, it's to die for! This was probably one of my favorite trips to Illinois so far!


For starters this was the very first trip I got to travel with Rashawn, and it was over seas :) haha! It was so much fun because we were flying standby so it made it a real adventure! On the way to LA we scored some extra leg room which was great for him! My legs are so short airplane seats never bother me! On the way home we scored first class which was like the best thing ever! It made us determined to be forever rich so we can always fly first class :) 


The weather was actually so cold (to me and Rashawn!) Coming from 90 degree weather and killer humidity the low 70's and high 60's was so cold! We both had to put on our sweaters. But maybe the blessing in disguise was that we got to go to Ghirardelli Chocolate and get Salted Carmel hot chocolate to warm us up, and it was SO yummy! The fog made the buildings look stunning and gave the city such a cool mysterious vibe! 


The second reason it was so fun was because Rashawn got to link up with one of his best friends he hasn't seen in a few years. It was so fun seeing them catch up over the years and hang out. People make fun of us but we had to go eat at Chick-Fil-A because we don't have it in Hawaii and we crave it all the time! So as soon as we saw it we had to go! 


Third, was I got to see all my family! We went for my brothers graduation from Knox College in Galesburg! All of my Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, Grandma, and Omi and Opi came so it was so amazing getting to see everyone and hang out around Illinois. Galesburg will defiantly rub off on you if you love small towns. It's so unique and and its just a train ride from the city! You can find more information on the Amtrak here!


For my aunts birthday she decided to go to Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria, Illinois! It was so much fun they have so many unique animals and habitats and some you can even interact with the animals! I was so in love with these goats I could pet them and let them lick my hands all day! So cute!


The staff there was so nice the worker asked why we were such a big group and we said for my aunts birthday. So he threw the bears food right in front of us so we could see him up close! He was so massive! I would not want to run into him on a Sunday stroll! 

Lastly it was the best trip because we got to explore the city on our own! It was so fun to walk up and down all the streets and to see the Chicago River. It was so gorgeous, I wanted to ride a water taxi so bad! (Duh I love the water). Rashawn promised that the next time we come back we will take one of the water tours or taxis because they look so amazing!


We were soaking up every minute of being on the main land and into a real concrete jungle! The mainland is so big and you kind of forget that on the little island! But I could not stop grinning I was so happy to be there.


Both Rashawn and Jon had never been to The Bean! I could not believe it because when someone says Illinois it is the first thing I think of! I have such great memories of when I was younger with my dad and brother going to the bean and walking under it and see us all distorted and taking pictures of ourselves with a digital camera.  It was so fun to go with them! 


It was really crowded when we went but we still had tons of fun taking silly pictures and hanging out in Cloud Gate Park. Illinois has so much to offer! It is defiantly one of my favorite states because I grew up going there! As I get older it only gets better :) 


This might be one of my favorite pictures from the trip because flying in and out of Hawaii is so cool for about ten minutes and then you don't see land for six hours, but those ten minutes are breath taking views of the island.