Electric Beach

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Electric Beach

After visiting Kahe Point, nicknamed Electric Beach, on West side of Oahu, it's safe to say I want to spend all of my days here. This water is full of the most colorful coral I have seen on the island and tons of fish to match. Not to mention the turtles, eels, and dolphins I saw. That's right DOLPHINS! 


The water was so stunning, and I probably say that about every beach in Hawaii, but this one was extra exceptional. All of the depths and corals just ombre the water in so many shades of blue, I couldn't get enough!

Swim Underwater

Because of the plethora of fish, its a very popular destination for spear fishing! We saw lots of people participating. Also if you are a certified scuba diver this beach is perfect for you! Man did I wish I had an hours worth of oxygen on my back. I was honestly challenging my self all day to hold my breath a lil longer and dive a lil deeper because the underwater life here is just so amazing. 

Underwater pipe

Another super cool aspect about this beach is all of the underwater treasures it holds! I'm not exactly sure what all these old pipes and metal below are, but the way the coral has grown on and around it honesty makes it like an underwater museum! 


Oahu is the most popular island and the coral her shows that. A lot of the coral I see has been bleached and broken due to so much water activity and people not knowing how to treat it. Remeber to NEVER stand on the coral becuase it is alive and touching it can actually kill it due to bacteria. 


While the ocean is so very beautiful it does have some down sides...like this guy! I have seen an eel at Waimea Beach before, but this was the first time I have seen the whole thing! It was so creepy just sliding around on the ground! So it is important to always be aware of your surroundings and I always recommended water shoes just in case!


This poor turtle was missing his back right leg! It made me so sad, but then I saw a man swim after and try to grab this turtle and I thought no wonder! It's actually illegal to touch the sea turtles as they are still considered endangered, plus it's just inhumane people! You wouldn't want someone randomly grabbing your back! So every time I see someone touch them I always make sure they know to never do it again!


Electric Beach is located right next to our island's Power plant! Hence how it got its name, Electric Beach :) 

Hawaiian Railroad

On Oahu they have one train that goes one route along the coast of West Side. Here you can find out more about the train ride, prices and more! It's always very full when it drives by, the kids seem to love it!


Probably the best part of the day, besides adventuring around with this cutie, is the fact we saw dolphins! I don't think I have ever seen them in the wild and it was so surreal! I have read all about swimming with the dolphins at Electric Beach, but decided to do that with a bigger group a different day. But as I was sitting on shore I saw some fins poking out. Of course I was like OHMYGOSH SHARK and then one JUMPED out and I screamed DOLPHINS! I didn't give poor Rachelle much time to react I just grabbed my GoPro and ran! Unfortunately they were a lil too fast for me but just to see them made me like the happiest girl ever! I can't wait to go and swim with them. They do offer many dolphin excursions to insure you see and or swim with them! Here is one company I saw!



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Electric Beach + SaltWaterVibes

how to get here


Electric beach is located on the West Side of the island. After taking the H1 toward Pearl City you will continue on the Farrington Highway for about 15 miles. You will see a left hand turn into the beach parking lot. Parking is allowed both in the marked lot and to the right on the grass. 


This water at this beach is deep almost immediately off shore. If you cannot swim or be in water without touching the bottom please refrain from getting in here. Currents can also be strong and pull you quickly so please always be mindful of where you are compared to shore. The shore break can also reach heights up to 5 feet so please be careful when entering and exiting the water.