The Grand Canyon: North Rim


A look into one of the most unique sides of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon North Rim | SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to the North Rim! Fun fact: only 10% of all people who have been to the Grand Canyon, have been to the North Rim! You may be wondering what the heck the North Rim even is!? The Grand Canyon is one big park, but it is separated by two sides, the South Rim and the North Rim. The South Rim was responsible for 90% of last years 6 MILLION visitors. 

The Grand Canyon North Rim | SaltWaterVibes

When I was younger I went to the South Rim, but that was pre adventure Sav so I truly don't remember much. I do have a good memory of how big and beautiful it was though and was flooded with memories after visiting the Grand Canyon of The Pacific in Kauai. I have been itching for an opportunity to come back and finally got that chance last October. However, this time was a bit different as we were going to the North Rim! 

The Grand Canyon North Rim | SaltWaterVibes

My dad planned out an epic road trip from Denver to Las Vegas with 6 National Parks and 4+ Monuments along the way. Getting to the Grand Canyon was a bit of a strecth but to be that close to something so unique we just couldn't say no! The Grand Canyon is beautiful no matter where you enter - it is actually part of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World! So deffiently add this park to your bucket list.  

what to do at the grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is home to some epic adventures big and small. You can hike the canyon, camp the canyon, kayak the canyon, photograph the canyon, oh and ride a mule down the canyon! Not to mention their are tons of learning opportunities and other adventures listed on the NPS website here. 

The Grand Canyon North Rim | SaltWaterVibes

hike to bright angels point

This hike can be a create your own adventure! We didn't have tons of time at the park so we just chose to hike to the first marker at about 0.2 miles making it 0.4 miles round trip. Here is a full PDF breakdown of the entire trail and the markers. It is such a beautiful walk into the canyon and located right by the lodges across from the Visitors Center. 

The Grand Canyon North Rim | SaltWaterVibes

when should i go?

The North Rim is only open May 15 - October 15 due to some crazy snow storms in the winter! We visited just before season close on October 5, right during the peak of the Golden Aspens! If you get the chance I highly recommend this time of year because the drive in is absolutely breath taking. During the season Visitors Center is open from 8am - 6pm but the park its self is open 24 hours. 

Does it cost to get in? 

All National Parks do cost and price depends on the park. Because The Grand Canyon is one of the top dogs it comes with a bit higher price. Cars cost $35 to come in but here is a list of the full price breakdown. I recommend getting an America The Beautiful Annual Pass for $80 becuase you get access to ALL parks and monuments for an entire year (it will save you hundreds). 

The Grand Canyon North Rim | SaltWaterVibes

where is the glass bridge?

The famous and heart wrenching glass bridge is located on the 'West Side' of the park. It takes approximately 20 minutes from the South Rim Visitors Center. If you want to plan this adventure for your visit then my best advice is to book early online! It will cost a pretty penny - between $50 - 80 a person depending on the package you choose, more information on their website here. 

The Grand Canyon North Rim | SaltWaterVibes

can i get to south rim from here?

The amazing thing about the Grand Canyon is it is pretty much all natural, meaning no roads through the canyon. So the only real way to get to the South Side is by using your puppies! You can hike 21 miles to the other side and camp over night in the canyon. If that won't work for you there is an option to drive, but it is 4 hours and 6 minutes around the park to the South Entrance. 

Seeing the Grand Canyon in any way is somthing everyone should get the opportunity to do one day. I already can’t wait to come back one day for more hiking and camping! 

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