The Hype Around Zion National Park

home of angels landing

welcome to Zion National Park home of incredible views, hikes, adventures and the famous angels landing....

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Welcome to the 5th most popular park in our system! Zion National Park is home to some incredible experiences, so it's no wonder why 4.5 million people came to Zion last year! This National Park is part of the 5 parks in Utah but is a popular destination for visitors in both Nevada and Utah since it sits close to the state border. 

Zion National Park | SaltWaterVibes

what is angels landing?

Zion is home to the famous hike called Angels Landing. This hike is not for the faint of heart or average traveler! It is a totally of 5 miles, is on the edge of a cliff, and is considered a very strenuous hike! However it continues to be one of the main reasons people visit the park! It is open for hiking April 1 - October 30 and permits are not required. I hope to hike it one day when I come back with Rashawn! 

Zion National Park | SaltWaterVibes

wildlife at the park

All of our National Parks remain so special because of the life that lives inside them. Zion is no exception! We were greeted right as we entered the park by Big Horn Sheep and then saw about 4 more heards throughout the day. Most animals come out in the mornings before it is to hot so come early for your best chance! Please never feed, touch, or harass the wildlife. 

which entrance should I use?

Zion has two points of entry for the park. My best advice is to enter through the East Entrance and to avoid coming in through Springdale. This town gets very crowded and causes the entrance line to be over an hour long! We came in though the East and were able to come right in without waiting at all! If you enter through the East come early as you will have to find parking inside the park. 

Zion National Park | SaltWaterVibes

what do i need to know about the zion shuttle? 

Zion has become so popular since 2000 that a new shuttle system was implemented to avoid traffic and parking issues in the park. Once you arrive in Zion you will be directed to a parking lot - however these fill EARLY so you might be directed to park in the town of Springdale and take the shuttle into the park. The Springdale Shuttle has 9 stops throughout the town but you will have to transfer to the Zion Park Shuttle once inside. The shuttles run from 7 am - 6 pm [March - November] and here is the 2018 schedule. Once on the Shuttle, it has 9 stops throughout the park. They run about every 7 minutes and you can hop on and off as much as you like. Here is the full breakdown from NPS. 

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Zion is such a beautiful park it is no wonder why is is so popular! The views all around are incredible and their is so much to do inside. Even if you just ride the shuttle for the day! It does cost a bit more due to popularity, so it will be $35 a car unless you have the America The Beautiful Annual Pass then you can just come on in! Here is the full price breakdown. 

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Zion National Park | SaltWaterVibes

hike to the lower emerald pool

Hiking is one of the most popular actives in the park. If Angels Landing seems a bit to adventurous then choose one of the easy hikes in Zion! Here is a full hiking guide to the park. My dad and I chose to do the Lower Emerald Pool waterfall hike! It is just a little over a mile, however don't expect a perfect waterfall year round! You can barley see the little trickle we had in early October! So check rainfall or ask the visitors center before you go. 

Bring lots of water to Zion, especially if you plan on walking around or doing a hike. It gets extremely hot here and and heat strokes are common. There is lodging, restaurants, visiotrs center, and ranger stations throughout the park as well, but I always think having a picnic in the park is a dream :)

Zion National Park | SaltWaterVibes

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