48 Hours in Luzern Switzerland

Switzerlands Pure Beauty

48 Hours in Luzern Switzerland | SaltWaterVibes

Welcome to one of the dreamiest towns in Switzerland - Lucern! This magical city tucked between a Lake and the Alps will have you sining Sound of Music at every corner. If you plan a trip to Switzerland, make sure Luzern is on your list. We spent 48 hours in this magical place - but spend longer if you can!! Check out how to Spend 48 hours in Lucern ↓

day 1: explore lucern

  1. visit the castle hotel gutsch

48 Hours in Luzern Switzerland | SaltWaterVibes

This hotel is a dream land. Truly one of the most picturesque hotels I have ever seen. It proudly sits on top of a small mountain overlooking the town of Luzern. You will have to hop in a very old fashion lift to get to the hotel, but fear not it is a short couple minute ride. If you are lucky enough to be staying at the hotel then you are in for a real treat. A stay here is an epic experiences of class, history, play, and pure beauty. You can also just come here for coffee and cake or a nice sit down meal at the hotel restaurant. Regardless what you do, just come check it out and the views! It is so beautiful and such an icon of Luzern. It was so fun listening to my Aunts Childhood memories of coming here and then actually getting to be here with her!

Address: Hotel Château Gütsch Kanonenstrasse, 6003 Luzern
Website: https://www.chateau-guetsch.ch/en/

2. walk the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland

48 Hours in Luzern Switzerland | SaltWaterVibes

To me this is the highlight of Lucern’s town. The oldest covered wooden bridge in Switzerland, or the Chapel Bridge of Lucern, is right here at your fingertips. It is so picturesque and filled with so much detail and history. Be sure to look up as you walk under the bridge because each section of roof has a story to tell. You might find it a bit dark as they are all death related but to me it is so interesting learning and seeing new things culturally. I also learned that the tower on the bridge used to be a dungeon! It is such a cool structure and how many people can say they have walked across the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland!?

Address: Kapellbrücke, 6002 Luzern, Switzerland
History on Bridge: http://www.bridgesdb.com/bridge-list/kapellbrucke-chapel-bridge/

3. walk through the old town

48 Hours in Luzern Switzerland | SaltWaterVibes

Regardless how you spend your time in a new city, I always recommend walking through the town! It is so much fun to window shop in new places and see what different things each country has to offer. I am not the first to admit that Switzerland is EXPENSIVE. So when I say walk around and window shop I mean it! If you are finically smart enough to be able to come here and really shop then please teach me your ways!! Ha! Also do not forget a camera or a water bottle! Europe is famous for its insanely beautiful architecture and deep history. The streets of Lucern is no exception and I found myself clicking away at every corner. I have mentioned this in my other Switzerland Posts, but there are free water fountains (like legit old time fountains) all over the city. Just place your bottle underneath and enjoy!

Now because the cost of living is so expensive here, it made going out to eat a tad more difficult. Each sit down meal will cost you over $100 easily - and it doesn’t even have to be anything fancy! My best advice is just to check the menu and prices of restaurants before you sit down and commit. We ate lots of snacks and meals from the corner store because a wrap there is way more affordable than a Gyro from a restaurant. Oh - but one thing that cannot be missed is the chocolate shops! Especially here in Luzern because they make chocolate replicas of the bridge! It’s amazing.

day 2: day trip to Pilatus

1. spend the day and visit mt. pilatus

48 Hours in Luzern Switzerland | SaltWaterVibes

If you are staying in Luzern then it only seems right to take a day and visit Mt. Pilatus. This mountain is apart of the Emmental Alps and overlooks beautiful Lake Lucern. It can be a bit pricey adventure, but these memories will last you a life time. You can get up the mountain via gondola, boat, Cogwheel or your own two feet! Plus once up here there is so much to do, and the views will have you pinching your neighbor! You can read all the details on this magical day on my blog post here.

Address: Mount Pilatus 6010 Alpnach, Switzerland
Website: https://www.pilatus.ch/en/
Hours of Operation: 9:00am - 4:00pm *

*times change so check daily schedule

There is so much to do in this beautiful city, I know 48 hours was not enough! If you are looking for more things to do here check out some of these posts here, here, and here. Happy travels!

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