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Things to Do in Ireland | SaltWaterVibes

If you are planning a visit to Ireland, then it is no doubt you will spend some time in this iconic city. Dublin is full of so much life and history. Plus the amazing architecture and quaint homes will have you saying “that’s so cute’ every 5 minutes! Come check out some must see’s and do’s while in Dublin!

  1. visit the Guinness brewery

    One of my favorite things to do traveling now is visit a Brewery! Especially if you are traveling with friends. While in Ireland it is pretty much one of the top tourist attractions to come tour the Guinness Storehouse. You can see all the details on my blog post here. Just know - it is not like most brewery tours! You will not have a guide or a very structured tour, it is all up to you! Visit the parts you want, read the sign you want, and sample what you want! Even if you don’t like Guinness, is a must do if coming to Ireland! Plus i promise you can find something you like :)

    Address: St James's Gate, Dublin 8, Ireland
    Cost: €18.50*

2. walk trough Dublin

This cute city is popular for a reason! Walking is one of the best ways to see new things while traveling. And almost every city has that one street you must walk down! Here in Dublin I recommend walking them all ha! But be sure to see Grafton Street and the Ha’penny Bridge is an iconic shot and view point by the water. It was so much fun to see the cute doors on houses and the beautiful city parks. It was still pretty cold in March so we didn’t get to explore as much as you should :)

Things to Do in Dublin | SaltWaterVibes

3. visit temple bar…or any bar for that matter!

We went to Dublin for St. Patricks Day becuase it is Rashawn’s Birthday and whats more authentic then that!? So when we went to Temple Bar the line was over 2 hours long!!! On a normal day you should be able to kick back with your friends - but if you are planning St. Paddy’s here maybe plan around this iconic bar. I was still happy to see it, and we found plenty of other great bars to stop in and share a drink. Pubs and Beer are taken veryyyy serious here so make sure you stop in and check it out for your own eyes!

Address: 47/48 Temple Bar Dublin D02 N725 Ireland
Hours of Operation: 10am - 2am*

4. visit the celtic sea

If there is water - we will find it! I absolutely love seeing different beaches, lakes, rivers, you name it, while traveling. It always gives me so much perspective on how connected our planet really is. Like I mentioned it was still very cold while we were here - in fact it snowed! So our extent of seeing the Celtic sea was jumping out at the lookout, snapping some pics and running back to the warm car!! If weather permits, you should walk around the area and maybe even dip a toe in! We came to Dolly Beach and it was a perfect spot to see the sea.

Dollymount Beach Address: Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland

Things To Do In Dublin | SaltWaterVibes

Other things on my list we didn’t get to:

  • St. Patricks Cathedral

  • Phoenix Park

  • Dublin Castle

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